Once you outline the SEO and marketing goals of your business, you need to be fully equipped to hire the right performer. When buying SEO services, it is best to consider all the options and costs associated with each of these options before making any decisions.

The choice may include hiring an SEO specialist, a whole team in the staff, or ordering the Custom SEO services company. Let's consider each item:

Own SEO Department: 

Hiring a full-time SEO specialist (or an entire team) will be more expensive due to training costs, but if you have a large organization or a long list of strategies, all of which you are going to implement, then this option should be considered in the long term.

When looking for the perfect candidate, pay attention to whether he has enough skills:

•    Link building;
•    Technical understanding of SEO,
•    Content marketing;
•    Social media;
•    Analytical mindset.

However, this venture can be very expensive. And it's not uncommon for a true SEO veteran to cost more than $100,000 a year. In addition, as a rule, it is necessary to create an entire department in order to meet your SEO needs to the fullest and not to burden an unbearable mountain of work on one person.

Content Marketing Agencies: 

These agencies often offer affordable SEO services for small businesses as a supplement, but since SEO is not their primary focus, you need to make sure that they are really savvy about search engine marketing.

The costs associated with SEO can be tougher because SEO in such studios often comes bundled with content marketing, but it can be a great option if you need to achieve multiple marketing goals at once.

SEO service provider agency: 

Companies that focus only on SEO tend to have more experience: they practice and invent something new every day and know how to work in different industries. Some large firms employ large staff with specialists in many fields like top marketing agencies NYC.

In addition, such studios often offer a variety of services and prices to meet the needs of your company. These can be contracts for a month, project work, or an hourly consultation.

This option is ideal if you are applying for something very individual.