Ear reconstruction surgery is one of the most challenging plastic surgery procedures. This surgery is quite complicated because this is related to the complex shape of the ear, which has been created to make it look natural. Ear deformities can occur due to birth defects or due to some external injury. In this case, the normal-looking ear is created using the rib cartilage tissue that is obtained from the patient’s own body. Dr. Parag Telang is a well-known ear reconstructive plastic surgeon who performs ear reconstruction surgery in India and helps one to correct all their external ear deformities and has delivered excellent results. Ear reconstruction surgery is performed for two groups of patients; those having microtia and the patient who has lost a normal ear due to disease. To know more about the ear reconstruction surgery cost in India, USA, England, get in touch with Dr. Parag Telang at The Microtia Trust.

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