Water is the most precious commodity on which depends the future of human civilization. Modern living is possible only by producing the best quality mineral water. The most ubiquitous water product, mainly among the metros areas, is the 20-litre water can. Reputed companies like Bisleri have increased production of this product to meet the high demand from customers.

As the 20-liter water continues to quench the thirst of our children, family, and employees, there is always the question of how much time the water can be stored with itsfull quality intact. The very purpose of drinking mineral water is to avoid the artificial and organic impurities present in other water sources. Henceit’s vital to know the ideal storage time of 20-liter water can and also educate ourselves regarding the precautions to be taken to safeguard the quality of the water from external contaminants.

Mineral water has optimal levels of magnesium, potassium, and other vital minerals.Bisleri ensures that the retention capacity of the vital minerals is high to ensure that they complement the metabolic processes of the human body.

Calculating Time of Storage for a 20 liter Water Can

According to the Bureau of Indian Standards, water stored in homemade containers is good for up to 6 months. But the 20-litre water cans are made of plastic. Even though reputed companies like Bisleriadhere to the highest safety standards, there is the issue of plasticgetting dissolved in the water.

Mineral water is basically sterilized water instilled with the vital minerals and other importantnutrients that the human body needs. However, there may bean incidence of harmful bacteria in the surrounding areas, which can percolate in the water. Keeping the 20 litre water can free of pathogens is the single most important direction when maintaining a home or office. It is best to consume the whole 20-litre water can ina maximum of 7 dayswhen the families have children.

Effect of Direct Sunlight

Water storage should be done in a cool and shaded place. The incidence of sunlight can create chemical reactions in the mineral water and can lead to the build-up of bisphenol, which is a harmful hormone disruptor and can havenegativeconsequences, mainly on women's health.

When a 20-litre water can is exposed to direct sunlight, it leads to the leaching of chemical compounds, which can cause male infertility, breast cancer, and even brain lining damage. Customers should make queries with the mineral water company as to how the water cans are being stored in the manufacturing plants and their method of transport.

Precautions to take when using a 20 litre water can

  • Always check the seal of the water can to ensure the safety standardsof the mineral water. In addition to that, taking a subscriptionof 20 litre water cans should be done from reputed companies.
  • Make sure that the surrounding areas of the water storageare free of food items to avoid the probability of water contamination.
  • The water should be kept away from sources of dust and grime. Maintaining good hygiene in the kitchen is paramount to the safety of the water.

In conclusion, a 20-litre water can is the most preferred product for modern families. The health benefits of consuming optimally stored mineral water are immense for the entire family.

When stored in the correct conditions of light and maintaining top cleanliness, research indicates that the 20 litrewater container can begood for 15-20 days.Bisleri is the top player in the mineral water industry. There are many positive reviews online, which are a testament to its long-standing commitment to the health of the customers.