Nah Isabelle will Animal Crossing Nook Miles Ticket be happily talking abt her lost jeans and fav tv show even with the world burning around her

. .didn't believe it would still be accurate months after lol.

For a solid two months, AC was a powerful enough distraction from the horrors of the planet. I can not appear to play for over five minutes before having to huddle in a corner and weep.

That is me with my brown sugar tea in Gong Cha! I even place a Boba shop in my island!

I hate how accurate that is with all the boba. . I moved 10 minutes from one of the very best boba shops in my area and it's helped keep me sane in quarantine.

Yep, and I suspect that it's gont possess a really shitty orgasm in the penultimate episode followed by a gloomy season finale.

Ooff moving political eh. Well be careful the tankies won't take kindly to this They're a salty Group

A friend of mine brought my fiancé and I creature crossing fashion!!! This type of talent!

I'm vulnerable to being thrown off by facial hair also will easily believe you men are the Exact Same person

And that I get it, people always freak out when I get pounded together with my gf because they believe we're siblings. It's fairly funny. We look a lot alike. It occurs a lot for some reason, like you start to seem more like your spouse as time Continues

Jokes aside, this artwork is so very cute! Are you two thinking of doing wedding shoots in Animal Crossing as well?

Recreated Traverse Town in Animal Crossing!

I had been expecting the Traverse Town song...I will cut him slack, because he says this whole project is in progress.

I am presuming you have already done this but in the event you haven't I posted a traverse town buy Animal Crossing Items island song to make your island feel just that little bit more like Traverse Town