Social marketing is a powerful digital channel that can help brands engage customers in today's digital age. Brands who fail to use it effectively could be missing an opportunity for customer engagement. Marketing professionals believe social media is valuable and are confident about the Return on Investment (ROI). It can give valuable customer insight, and boost other marketing activities.

Marketers can use social media to increase their lead generation. A social media strategy that is well executed will increase search rankings, drive more visitors to your site, and increase conversions.

If you don't know which channels to use, how can you create a successful social media strategy? It can be difficult to determine whether your company requires an online presence through Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn or another channel. Digital marketing in Birmingham can help you choose the right social media channels to promote your business.

What are your social media goals?

It is essential to be able connect social media channels to your strategy's highest-level objectives. It is important that you can explain why a channel will be helpful in reaching your goals.

Brand awareness can be increased by using social media

Start by selecting well-known platforms with a large audience. This will enable you to reach a wide range of prospects. It is worthwhile to consider niche and popular platforms if you have a good understanding of your target audience.

Lead generation can be increased by using social media

Social media can be used by marketers who wish to generate high-quality leads. You can attract prospects through targeted campaigns that can be nurtured in your conversion funnel.

What channels and why is your target audience using these channels?

After you have set your goals and selected the right social media channels it is time for you to consider where your audience is engaged online. An Instagram account might prove inefficient if your largest customer segment is a 70 year-old woman. It may not be a good idea to promote your business on Pinterest if you only target men.

Social media demographics are essential for the development of social media strategies that work. These data-driven insights can help you make sure that your strategy and channels are most relevant to your audience, increasing your conversion rate.

Sprout Social allows you to track your followers and analyze them. This will provide you with information about your social followers, such as their age, gender, and location. This will help you determine which channels are worth keeping, and which ones to delete.

What channels are used by your competitors?

It is equally important to analyze the social media channels your target audience uses as well as what platforms your competitors use. This will help you to make informed decisions.

What kind of content are they putting out? Can they create content that is platform specific? How often do they post it? How many likes and shares do they get for their posts? Social media can provide valuable insight by comparing the activity of your competitors and how engaged their followers with the posts. This will provide valuable insights that you can use for improving your strategy. Use our Competitor Tracker to see which competitors reach their target audience.

Social listening tools can be used to determine which brands have the most influence and reach on social media.

What kind of content would your audience like?

This is a crucial question, as there are many content types. Some content will complement your brand and business goals, while others may not. Some content formats work better for social media than others.

These content formats are suitable for B2B audiences who are more likely than professionals to find them on platforms such as LinkedIn. These platforms are great for sharing industry-specific information with colleagues, regardless of whether you have a company Twitter account or a personal one. These stunning examples of B2B content marketing are sure to inspire you.