If you are a fan of horror films you already know how great these genres are. There are horror movies that combine humor and story as a way to let the audience hold their breath. Some “horror movies” retain a terrifying feature throughout the film. Your favorite movies on skymovieshd are based on your personal preferences but here is a list of the top 10 awesome movies of all time without any particular sequence. These are big-screen events that every aficionado should see at least once.

1. Bridge

Who can forget this cool movie that started in the 1950s? This shocking film stars Steve McQueen, a strong young man with a heart of gold who fought a sturdy goo-blue sky that devoured everyone in his path. The remake of this terrifying classic has not been the same as the original version which became a basic drive for several years. This is a movie that was created when people were not very happy and although the special effects were really ridiculed by modern standards when the film has released the audience allowed their thoughts to give them the best scenes.

2. Cheeks

This production by Steven Spielberg is still one of the pioneers of cinema and should definitely be listed among the top 10 horror movies of all time. Who cares if no one has really seen a predatory shark demon, this was another great screen game accompanied by imagined fears and a shocking audience around the world with a display of small destruction on screen.

3. Friday is 13 p.m.

This awesome movie of today is still a struggle for viewers and is attracting new fans. Although the 13th edition of Friday's series has been produced, it is still the first of its kind. Jason and that hockey mask are indelibly etched in the minds of all those who have seen this exciting "out" game.

4. House on Haunted Hill

An old film that managed to cling to that unknown fear and shocked millions of amazing fans. This was a special film in creating scary scenes that touched emotions rather than visuals.

5. Dismissal

In the '70s a few films attracted the enthusiastic community created by this one. When it was first released, people stood in long lines for an opportunity to be part of the audience. Linda Blair was shot dead as a young demon-possessed girl and the scene showing her head spinning as high could still cause frostbite for anyone renting the movie. The fact that so few people associated with this horrible movie were injured or killed to the point of thinking that there was an "Exorcist" curse. Yes, this kind of gossip makes the film very popular among millions of horror fans around the world.

6. Jeepers Creepers

This film was created on Friday the 13th. He has two young men drawn to the underworld of murder, the horror and night terror, and the mad assassin, determined to kill and destroy anyone in his path. The film’s formula has been the basis of many horror movies and the Jeepers Creepers found a box office gold office among the audience that includes most young people and adults.

7. Maskandi

This was a 1992 release based on a story written by awesome hero Clive Barker. You should love a horror movie that captures supernatural powers of pure horror and blends with those urban myths "oh, very believable". As the movie ends everyone in the audience is convinced that there is a "Candyman" hiding somewhere in their neighborhood.

8. Sixth Sense

Paranormal work has always been the basis for many horror plays but this movie raises additional sensory ideas to a brand new level. The little boy in the middle is able to see and talk to dead souls. To him, this is a sad fact because some of these ghosts we have forgotten are “horrible” indeed if left unchecked since most of them have been brutally murdered. What is remarkable about this film is that the psychologist who helps “middle” teens deal with their fears is also one of those ghosts but this kind of psychiatrist has not yet realized that he is dead. This movie on skymovieshd com qualifies as a "tearjerker" and has become one of the best horror movies of all time.

9. Blair Witch Project

This awesome movie was released in 1999 and was created on a short budget. It was a runaway hit even though there was very little you could see in the form of true horror or special effects. This was a very powerful psychological film that dealt with people's beliefs and won millions at the box office. College students, New England city, witches, and video cameras are the main characters in this film. The plot is slightly disturbed and it is difficult to track what is happening on screen but the horror aspect of this movie is out of the chart. Even today you have people who are convinced that this was indeed the work of a few courageous college students who fell victim to the Blair Witch's curse.

10. Night of the Living Dead

This is another shocking black and white film of the '60s that continues to be popular with viewers. The story begins in a cemetery where zombie-like creatures roam free. These are the dead who have been resurrected and are willing to literally devour anyone they find. A small group of people hid in the house and tried to escape from the beasts. Living the dead is not easy to kill and strategy is the key to life. This is one of those horror films that allows viewers to use their imagination which is one of the reasons why it is so old-fashioned.