Singapore is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The Lion City has known for its marvelous skyscrapers, world-class shopping malls, unique hangout venues, a contemporary horse racing scene, etc. The horse racing culture of Singapore is a well-known tourist attraction and dates back to the 19th century. The Government of Singapore maintains strict controls and international standards through the Singapore Pools. The Singapore Pools was formed in the late 1960s to provide a legal platform for betting. The Singapore Pool is currently a subsidiary of the Tote Board. The Tote Board is a statutory board under the Singapore Government’s Ministry of Finance. 

The latest addition to Singapore’s horse racing facility is ranked among the best horse racing facilities in the world

The weather conditions of Singapore permit it to have a long horse racing season. Singapore is among the few destinations in the world where tourists can get a pick-up and drop-off facility. The Kranji race track, built-in 2004, is the latest gem of the Horse Racing Singapore ecosystem. The facility was built in 2004 at a whopping cost of around half a billion dollars. The facility also includes air-conditioned living quarters for the horses and is known for its just and humane treatment of the fine animals.

You can win plenty of money in horse racing Singapore

Horse Betting Singapore Pools commission for win and place can go up to eighteen percent. The commission for forecast and place is about eighteen percent. The Tierce, Trio, and Quartet commission payout is the highest and goes up to twenty-five percent.

Singapore Horse Racing Odds is the return you can get if the event that you have specifically bet on happens successfully. For example, if you have bet on a 7-2 odd then you will get 7 dollars of pure profit for every 2 dollars that you have invested in addition to your original wager. Therefore, the 7-2 odds will give a return of 9 dollars for every 2 dollars that you have invested. If the odd given by the bookmakers is 6-1 then you will get the profit of 6 dollars for every 1 dollar that you have invested. The total return on investment will be 7 dollars for every dollar that you have invested. The horse racing odds are representative of the profit on your investment.

Types of bets that you can place

You can bet on a win, a roll win, a place, a forecast, a place forecast, a Tierce, a Trio, a Quartet, a Flexi-Quartet, etc. A Win type bet is where you have to select the horse which will finish first. The Roll Win type bet is where you have to select the winning horse in more than one race. Betting on a Place is where you have to select either the first or the second horse in a race where the total number of participants ranges from a minimum of 4 horses to a maximum of 6 horses. If the number of horses participating in the race is 7 or more, you can bet on a place by betting on the horse that will either place first or second, or third. The Forecast type bet is where you select the first two horses to finish the race. You do not need to specify which horse will come first and which one will come second as long as the horses you have bet on are the first two horses to finish the race. The Place Forecast type wager is where you select a pair of horses that will finish the race either first and third or second and third or first and second in the race. A Tierce type bet is where you specifically bet on the exact horses that will finish first, second and third in the race. A trio type bet is where you try to predict the first three horses to finish the race. Which horse will place in which of the first three positions is not important in this Trio type wager? The Quartet and the Flexi-Quartet type bet is where you have to predict the first four horses to finish the race in a specific order. The minimum stakes are higher for the Flexi-Quartet type bet.

Moderation and control is the key

The Singapore Pools have a policy of preventing a person from excessive gambling. You have to make sure that horse remains an enjoyable and entertaining passion but does not snowball into an all-consuming obsession. This will make your association with horse racing profitable in the long run.