Basements are seldomly visited. Therefore, it is often difficult to assess whether the basement is safe or does it require water damage service to protect it from the rain and water pipe leakage. Most of the time, the basement only receives attention when the water damage becomes visible or when the moist air starts escaping the basement. In addition to this. spotting water damage in the basement is not an easy task until some visible water damage restoration are required in Austin. Here are some tips you can use to identify water damage in the basement.

Tips to identify water damage in the basement

#1: Take a deep breath in the basement. Most of the time, people tend to ignore the musty and damp smell of the basement until the problem grew bigger. Thus, it orders to proactively prepare oneself from any unforeseen incidents it is better to keep a schedule to inspect the peculiar areas of your house e.g. attic, basement, inventory, kitchen, and bath floor or wall. To instantly detect the damage, take a deep breath in the base, or sniff the air. The common sign of water damage is musty or damp air. this is often not visible to the naked eye and keeps on spreading until the water damage from the basement spread to the ground floor of the house.

#2. Look for strange patterns and signs. On numerous occasions, the water damage can be easily spotted via mold formation. However, on another occasion mold formation might not be visible such a situation requires instant remedies as this type of damage weaken the core foundation of the house. Thus, it is recommended to schedule a regular appointment with the water damage repairman or to draft a routine checkup for self-evaluation of the entire house especially in the winter end of the winter or in the summer.

#3: lookout for efflorescence. Most of the time the water damage appears to be grayish or sparkle do the intense light. Such phenomena are called efflorescence. This mostly happens because of the salt deposits.

#4: pay attention to the condensation. The significant sign of water damage includes basement condensation. Often this sign is visible either on the entire roof or in some specific area like closer to the doors or window and on the ceiling that is curved. In addition to this, the musty and damp smell is common when the basement is suffering from condensation. It is commonly caused by ventilation problems and HVAC. Thus, to remedy this, you can either use an exhaust fan or you can open the basement window to prevent damp air from collect. Moreover, you can use dry cloths to absorb the moist from the air.

#5: look for a crack in the house foundation. The very significant sign that shows the basement is suffering from heavy water damage is the crack formation on the wall and on the floors. Often, they are visible to the naked eye or sometimes they are masked under the mildew and mold formation. In such a situation, it is better to test a patch of a wall by scaping the mold with the help of a knife. If you see any mild cracks or if the wall seemed extraordinarily cold or moist then it is an alarming sign to call the water damage repairmen in Austin ASAP otherwise the cracks will lead to serious structural and foundation problems which will be unsolvable without reconstruction.


Basements are more prone to attract water damage. sometimes a minor rainfall can steep into the foundation and cause serious water damage issues. Therefore, it is recommended to self-inspect the basement for the moister level. Moreover, you can also use moister detection devices to ensure the safe moister level for the basement.


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