Selling your home personally can save your thousands of dollars because you don't have to pay a commission to a realtor.

If you decide that this is right for you, you need to know how it will be done. Here are some tips to make each step in your sales process as easy as possible.  Free for sale by owner sitesis best way to sale your property.



Look at recent sales history in the suburbs. And make the list why similar properties were sold. You can also understand that the suggested price is realistic and back up your negotiations with a valuation report because it is worth getting an independent home valuation.


 Prepare the property for the list.

According to statistics, about 90% of property inquiries are made via the Internet. However, it doesn't take long for online buyers to scroll through the properties to see only the first image of the listing online. Taking some professional pictures is an excellent idea to make your home stand out from the crowd. Write a good property description. All these things impress the buyer and insist him to visit at your property. Selling a house by an owner gives them a considerable profit.



 Listing contract

The law requires you to create a listing agreement before putting your property on sale. The listing contract must be a document attached to a legally compliant form. With Homes for sale by owner, idea you can get maximum price.


Contract exchange

Appoint a transferring lawyer who can respond as soon as you are ready to accept the offer and ask if you have the tools to sign the contract electronically. Digital signatures significantly accelerate the exchange of contracts and increase the probability of securing sales.

Take photos of the house.

Mobile phones are not valid here. Buy yourself a professional camera, take a real estate photography course and take at least 20 photos with the highest quality.


Hiring the best real estate portals

To put your ad on real estate portal you have to pay some amount, no doubt they also offer free listing, but in that case your ad give less value on the portal.  If you do not want your ad to quickly get out of date and appear in the last positions of the search engine, you will have to hire the best highlights and packages to be in the best positions.


Receive all calls from buyers at any time of the day.

Get used to interruptions during breakfasts, lunches, naps, dinners, nights, working hours ..., or buy yourself an additional mobile to receive all calls and turn it off at those inopportune moments.


Dressing your house for sale

Take a course in "home staging" and keep the house permanently prepared because you don’t know when you can receive a visit by the buyer at any time.


And now that you know all the steps necessary to sell your home without real estate, do you feel prepared to take on this series of tasks? Do you think you will have time to attend the countless visits that will be necessary, or have sufficient time to attract potential? Be careful, because having to reconcile your family and work life with having to be a real estate agent will not be easy.