The live status of any train and its real-time delayed status is known as the live train running status for Indian railway trains. It also includes the train's expected arrival time at subsequent stations.

So, how can you check your train's live running status in real-time? Several individuals are unaware of the process of checking live train status and do not know how they will spot the train that they are going to board.

So, this detailed blog is for those who need info on how to track their train’s live running status. Go through the below section of the blog to gather more knowledge and information on the train running status.

The Mechanism Behind Live Train Status

When a train leaves its origin stations, it provides updates on its departure from source stations and arriving stations via a GPS device. This device is now standard equipment on all trains, allowing us to learn details such as the existing train location, accuracy, current delay, and other relevant data.

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite radio-navigation system based on satellites. It's a worldwide navigation satellite system that sends time and location data to a Gps device everywhere on or near the earth's surface. The GPS does not need users to exchange data and operates autonomously on a phone or internet reception.

Check Your Train Live Status on Quickest RailMitra App

When looking to get information on your approaching train’s live running status, always install the RailMitra app on your smartphone. However, you may also use the RailMitra Official Web Page to get info and data. Apart from spotting your train, it has several other useful features that benefit every Indian Railway passenger.

RailMitra created this simple app feature to make train travel easier for all of its users. The present location of a railway and its delaying status would now be monitored on the move using the Spot your train mobile app or website. Check the status of a train with any modern Internet-connected gadget. If you're on a train, you can view live train status while offline by swapping to GPS settings. For a speedier and more accurate location, RailMitra recommended that users use GPS mode while travelling by train.

RailMitra has the most regular and real-time train location tracking system. It uses the GPS or Mobile phone connectivity of its customers' mobile phones to generate train location data. As a result, the information is more accurate and current. They encourage all their potential users to download the live train status app, which can be used offline while on the road.

Saving time while waiting for your train or arranging a cab when you arrive at your destination is crucial. Every minute, the status of the train is updated. So, it is advisable to check the train status updates regularly. As the train approaches the projected journey time, the train's operating status data becomes increasingly accurate. This knowledge allows you to save time and plan more effectively.

Steps to Spot Your Train Live Using RailMitra App

You may check the status of live trains on RailMitra by following the instructions below:

  • Step 1: Go to the RailMitra website.
  • Step 2: Choose "Train Live Status" from the drop-down menu."
  • Step 3: Enter the number or name of your train.
  • Step 4: After selecting a date, click "Check Live Status."

RailMitra identifies and spots your railway using real-time GPS location and monitoring, Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovation, and highly technical programming. It results from a well-maintained train running status back-end database, which provides detailed train data.

You need to pick the date on which your Train left its source station when checking the Train Running Status of IRCTC trains.

Information about the Current Position of trains

If you are trying to check the status of your train in actual time, you must include the number of your train that you are going to board. You will see the carriage name, departure and arrival timings, and a list of stops the train is expected to pass through when you browse. The arrival and departure times and how long it would take to reach the destination are provided.

This train spotting system helps determine how far you are from the upcoming station. You'll be able to tell if your train is on track and how far it is from its final destination this way. By entering your train's reference number, you can check the usual delays. Certain trains don't have a live operating status displayed. But you should not be concerned about that situation.
This can happen in two different scenarios:

  • The train number or even the name that you have entered is incorrect;
  • Or if the train does not run on a given date.

The Bottom Line

The days of waiting in long railway enquiry lines at train stations or being bothered by the continually engaged tone when contacting the Indian Railway Enquiry Office are gone forever. You can access important train information and Live Train Status from the convenience of your laptop, smartphone, or iPad. The website and app will allow you to conveniently track the Indian Railway's live train operating status and other pertinent train information.

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