A Google search for "fractional yacht" pulls up more than 115,000 leads, offering a whole world of choices. Fractional yachts for sale take into consideration the very real truth that, as much as we would like to, we simply cannot be out on the water 365 days a year. We will make a large investment and in many cases, pristine new boats sit at the marina more often than not they go unloved, forgotten about and sometimes neglected. Instead, a fractional yacht spends more time out on the water, sailing gallantly, costing its owners precious little to live the high life. Fractional makes more sense for the world we live in.

All fractional yachts for sale do not necessarily have the same arrangements. For instance, SeaNet is a straight fractional, which gives four owners a 53 Sunseeker Manhattan for five weeks each year at $315,000 each (plus $37,000/year in maintenance fees). On the other hand, The Yacht Share offers fractional leases, which gives owners seven weeks for $60,000 down and $2,400/month in maintenance, allowing the owner the ability to renew the lease or walk away at the end of the year. Then, of course, there is traditional fractional ownership at companies like Breeze Easy, which can transform any new or used boat into a fractional possession.

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Of course, not everyone is keen on fractional. Seasoned sailors will always snatch up yachts for sale as a testament to their hard work and achievements in life. "I like possession of the boat, to tell you the truth," admits ex-naval officer Lyman Perry. Caring for sailing yachts has been his lifelong hobby and passion. "I've always been hands on," he adds, "single-handing, priming the engine if it runs dry." Not only will owners get to know more about yachting, but they can also cut out of work to take a ride if the mood grabs them and have complete freedom over using that boat. To some, ownership is priceless.

Some Americans are even looking for second or larger yachts for sale, in which case fractional leasing is a good way to let prospective owners "test drive" their luxury yachts before buying them outright. At the end of the one-year lease, the buyer may decide to scale up, scale down, try one of the new boats at the marina or simply walk away.

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For new owners, leasing is also a good way to gauge how much use the boat will get. Fractional ownership is still a relatively new concept in boating but the portent is good. To find fractional sailing yachts, you can check out Shared Yachts, Yacht Smart, Synergy Yachting Partnerships, Virgin Traders or The Yacht Share.