You can hide rows as well as columns in Excel It's easy to remove the columns or rows later. However, if you do encounter issues These tips can assist you in displaying the columns and rows again.

Disguising Rows and Columns

If you find the rows have been hidden within an Excel workbook It is usually possible to remove them using these steps:

  • Choose the rows to either side of the invisible ones
  • Then, right-click one of the rows that you have selected.
  • Within the menu that pops up menu, click the Unhide option.

Problems Unhiding Top Rows

Sometimes, you might have issues when you have to reveal rows or columns within Excel worksheets. Excel worksheet.

For instance If For instance, if sql developer download is hidden or the top several rows remain hidden. What do you get them unhided?

Below are some steps to reveal the top rows that are hidden on a workbook:

  • On the left-hand side on Excel, on the left side of Excel sheet, click on the row that is first visible.
    • In the animation screen shot below Row 6 is the first row visible
  • Then, drag it up to then the Select All button.
    • Tips: When you drag your finger up the screen, a small window appears showing the number of rows that you've chosen.
  • After that, click the first row that is visible.
  • Within the menu that pops up menu, click Unhide

This animated gif demonstrates how to choose the rows hidden from the top of the worksheet and then removing them

Another Top Row Hidden Fix

If you were unable to display the hidden top rows, the issue may be due to the fact that one of the worksheets being fixed in place excel offset.

To determine if freezing may be the issue with columns or rows that are hidden take these steps:

  • Choose any cell of worksheet
  • To open the Excel Ribbon, click the View tab.
  • If you see the Unfreeze Pane command on the drop-down menu select it, and click that to release the locked sections.

The "hidden" columns or rows could reappear when you move towards the left or the top on the workbook.

Warning about Rows that are hidden Rows

The biggest issue with hidden columns or rows within the Excel worksheet is the fact that one may not be aware of the fact that they are hidden! You've probably heard the horrifying stories on the news about this kind of issue.

To help you find hidden columns or rows, I've created a worksheet that employs the use of formulas as well as conditional formatting in order to inform you of hidden objects.

The details of how it operates in this blog article: Excel Hidden Data Alert.

In the screen shot that is shown below,

  • Both rows are concealed
    • Formula B2 in cell B2 indicates that two rows are obscured
  • Both columns are concealed
    • The conditional formatting of cell D1 reveals how columns can be hidden just to the right of the colored cell.


To access the columns and rows that are hidden from view in the warning worksheet, visit my Excel offset function Formatting section of my Contextures website.

Under the "Get the Sample Files" section, look for File #3 Secret Data Warn. The compressed Excel file is xlsx format, and is not a macro-free file.

Video Problems Unhiding the Top Excel Rows

This video will show you an easy way to find the rows that are hidden on the right side of the Excel worksheet.