Not every individual is the same as every individual suffers with different problems which take sharp turns in their lives which also have the capacity to ruin their life as well. There are many mental health issues which have hidden mysteries within them which doctors and researchers have no idea about and oftenly puts them in a sincere dilemma as well. The team of Schizophrenia Treatment in New Delhi and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Treatment in New Delhi mainly have experienced such situations where they have seen people visiting into a phrase where they do not accept the society but have accepted a whole new world coming in their understanding which is just a false situation. Similarly in the case of the team of Depression Treatment in New Delhi it is not obvious to see and understand the mood of an individual where from outside one might look the same, however from inside they completely may fall apart. Depressive episodes can be very ugly and even cause an in-depth sinister in one’s life where they hurt their loved ones and can go to an extent where they can also hurt their own children believing that either the society does not want them or they are better without them. There are many such episodes and thoughts which can come across the mind of a depressed individual where they won’t feel comforted at any time with no worth of living for anyone. Nobody can indeed predict the mind of a depressed individual as they always remain in misery with entering the shocks of a manic stage in between which can also take sharp turns at times.


This shift is very hard to predict as they may seem normal at many times but this reality is just a myth as their memory starts to deteriorate with episodes which can be false and real at times with delusions and hallucinations around any particular situation or event being on the constant rise. People usually dive into depression because of any tragic incident such as death, divorce, loss of confidence etc. where they start pretending to be happy but because of their low self esteem they do fall off the crib and really end up into the space of being depressed. Their whole universe revolves around the individual whom they lost and understand and memorize the love, warmth and care only with and around them. Therefore, letting go of them, letting go of the reality is not possible for them to gulp in. Thus the attempts to conduct suicide because there loved ones presence is not around or because of low self-confidence, because of the society usually make them go to such hazardous extents in life.


Thus, the shift of making them believe in themselves again is very important and very needed as everything becomes very irritating for them which makes them feel bored and unbearable for every activity in life. Thus with no movements and shifts they prefer to go into a mode where they do not have to engage themselves into any activity making the body and mind enter into a lethal mode which is much overwhelming for their family and sad as well but for them they are at peace and joy. Major depressions are mostly the phrases where an individual won’t find anything comforting and everything just ends up being a point of tears for them which is indeed a worrying zone.


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