Investing to make money real estate in Australia is probably the best thing real estate players can do right now. Increased population numbers due to immigration and higher birth rates lead to increased demand for property. Conversely, decreased support from financial institutions has made developers reluctant to develop new project, resulting in a decreased availability of homes and property. The prices of existing property have skyrocketed as a result.

It may seem downright ridiculous when you talk about where you can best make money real estate in these trying economic times. Where property prices in the UK, USA and European countries have witnessed dramatic decreases in values, it's actually possible to make money from investing in Australian property!

Those million dollar deals may be somewhat more difficult to come by, but it's certainly an encouraging sign that the median price of some properties in Australia actually increased recently. In fact, the increase of Australian property prices has been nothing short of incredible in view of what's been happening elsewhere and has been helping many people to make money investing locally.

Not only are more people migrating here, Australia's own population has also grown substantially. Additionally, it appears that Australians prefer smaller households, leading to an increase in demand for single or double-occupant homes. As such, there has been a general increase in the demand for housing.

Kamal Sehgal

While the increased Australian population and its accompanying demands leads to a subsequent increase in property prices and rent, that is not the only reason to take the plunge into make money real estate. Australia doesn't actually have a lot of available land suitable for the creation of more housing options in densely-populated areas such as in its capital cities and the eastern seaboard.

New projects must be developed in relation to existing space, and development costs are not cheap. Financial institutions are also less inclined to assist such ventures; the cost of new housing will be passed on to buyers. With fewer housing buildings being built, the price of existing property tends to increase in proportion to the demand from potential buyers or renters.

At the same time, the Australian government is providing financial assistance for Australians who are eligible to be first-time home owners. This encouragement has seen a near-instantaneous effect on Australian home property prices. The pickings are ripe for those who in the position to supply this new demand, whether brand new homes or upgraded "secondhand" homes, and million dollar deals may actually be inked over time.

In addition to all this, the demand for homes in Australia is expected to exceed supply for a while to come thanks to the country's encouragement of overseas migration. This pretty much guarantees that the opportunities to make money real estate investing will be around for a long time yet.