The state of Ihram must be assumed by a pilgrim to perform the holy pilgrimages of Hajj and Umrah. Though the word Ihram is usually referred to the ceremonial clothing worn for Hajj or Umrah, it is rather a state of absolute physical purity attained by a pilgrim. Without assuming Ihram, it isn’t permissible to offer the holy rituals. That’s why Ihram is worn by millions of pilgrims arriving in the kingdom through hajj packages 2022 UK.
Here’s how to wear Ihram according to Sunnah.


Ihram must be assumed by a pilgrim from the Meeqat region. Meeqat regions are the specified places dedicated for the sole purpose of providing pilgrims with the facilities to wear their Ihram. 
There are a total of five different Meeqat places in Makkah; different for individuals arriving from different regions of the world.
Remember that the Meeqat boundary shouldn’t be crossed by a pilgrim without having entered the state of Ihram. Otherwise, a penalty is due. 


1.Trim your nails. 
2.Remove unwanted body hair i.e., armpit and below the navel. 
3.Get a haircut and beard trim, if necessary. 
4.Purify yourself by taking a Ghusl. 
5.Now wear your ihram clothes;
•Ihram for men consists of two white-colored unstitched sheets. One of the sheets (Izaar) is used to cover the lower half of the body i.e., from the navel to down below the knees while the other sheet (Rida) is used to cover the upper body.
•Ihram for women consists of their ordinary clothes; they can wear anything they desire provided that it remains under the Islamic teachings. 
6.After wearing your Ihram clothes, pilgrims should offer two Rakat Nafal prayers (if it’s not a Makruh time). This Nafal Prayer i.e., Salat-al-ihram is Mustahab (preferable), thus, if there is no time to perform this prayer, it's permissible for a person to assume Ihram by making the intention and reciting Talbiyah.

Prohibitions imposed in Ihram.

•Shaving, cutting, or trimming hair and nails. 
•Wearing fragrance of any sort. Scented toiletries should also be avoided out of caution.
•Hunting or killing an animal (unless done for self-defense). 
•Getting sexually intimate with your spouse. 
•Men cannot wear any sort of stitched clothes. In addition, it's prohibited for men to cover their heads, feet and ankles in the state of Ihram. 
•Women, in the state of Ihram, should keep their hands and faces uncovered. 

It’s significantly essential for pilgrims to abide by all the rules and regulations of Ihram as specified in the sunnah of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW). Therefore, one must know about the technicalities of Ihram prior to his/her travel to the kingdom for the holy rituals.