Helen Doron is a British linguist and educator who lives in Israel. She founded the Helen Doron Educational Group in Misgav and now operates English classes for young people from a franchise network of centres. Although Doron was born in the United Kingdom, she now resides in Hararit. In this article, we will learn about Helen's background, her methodology, and her staff. Here, we will also learn about her recent book, Helen Doron's Language Education, which focuses on her mission of teaching English to children.

Founded in 1985

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The Methodology of helendoron is a groundbreaking approach to teaching English language to children. It was developed over 30 years ago by linguistic scientist Helen Doron. It focuses on creating a supportive environment for children while integrating elements of cultural and linguistic diversity. The method has proved to be effective for many students, especially children with disabilities. The following are some of the key aspects of this methodology. You can benefit from its unique features by following these tips:

The first method Helen Doron introduced used self-written songs, stories, and rhymes. The songs mimic the way children learn their mother tongue. The Helen Doron Methodology of English has since been franchised in 38 countries and has helped over three million children learn the language through movement. The method has been highly successful, spawning a whole new sector of educational programming. But there is more to Helen Doron's method than just songs.


If you are interested in working in marketing, Helen Doron has an exciting opportunity for you. As a Marketing Coordinator, you will be responsible for the development of global marketing activities, including online marketing materials, social media, and Internet groups. Additionally, you will be responsible for updating the company's documentation and databases. This position is a great entry-level marketing job. The Helen Doron Educational Group is located in Misgav, Israel.

Affiliate program

The Helen Doron English Learning Centres are located worldwide. Helen Doron Connect is a separate business that takes the proven methodology of the original business and presents it online. This new concept is a separate business, based on the Helen Doron intellectual property (IP). Franchisees and master franchisees are already using it, incorporating interactive games and movement to enhance the learning experience for children. Designed to help children understand language concepts, this method aims to maximize children's love for learning and ability to absorb language easily.