Are you thinking about foster parenting in Ontario? Well, this is going to be life-changing decision. You are opening your heart and home to a child, who is in desperate need of a loving and supportive family. It is a wonderful choice, and Milestone foster Homes are happy and proud to help parents to reach their adoption goals. But, how do you determine that fostering in Ontario is the right option for you and your family? Adoption is not something that should be decided in a rush. It demands research and realization of each family-building paths and a study of what program meets your goals and preferences.


Foster home adoption is not suitable for everyone, so it is essential that you know what to expect before choosing the adoption process. Every family is different in culture and care, but if you are thinking about foster care adoption, there are certain important things to ensure it is right for you.

Being ready to become a permanent foster parent

Foster care adoption and being a foster parent are two different tracks with two separate aims. The former option lets you bring a child into your family while the latter option helps a child to reunite with his/her birth family. If you choose foster care adoption, then be ready to permanently commit your life to one child or sibling group and to work toward making a familial connection with them.

Older child adoption

In most cases, the children who are available for foster parents Ontario are usually older. This is because of the birth parent’s rights to accomplish a reunion plan before their parental rights are ceased. When this process has been completed, most children are several years old. So, if you want a foster care adoption, be ready to foster parent an older child. It does not mean that your parenting is less effective when you won’t raise a child from infancy. Studies show that children adopted from foster homes are more likely to emotionally secure than their peers at foster home. Adopting an older child will help him/her to reach their personal goals and dream that they once seemed impossible.

Adopting children with special needs

Many children in Ontario foster parents home are classified as ‘special needs’, but that does not only mean physical or medial disabilities. Special needs can include being an older child, being a racial minority or having behavioral or emotional issues from painful events before or during foster care. These foster children need a loving and supportive home to help heal from their painful pasts. You should be aware of the challenges you may face during early adjustment periods. If you are ready to commit a child with special needs and to learn new ways of parenting to help them heal, then foster care is the right option for you.

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