Use menu templates to create a stunning, visually engaging menu that helps you sell more food! Restaurant menu templates provide a visual starting point for creating your menu.

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The Ultimate 25 Menu Template Ideas

Restaurant menu templates come in various styles, themes, and styles. When you need to find the right menu template, it comes down to first identifying your restaurant's image and, most importantly, the look that you want your menu to look like. 

Menu Template Examples

1. Burger Menu Templates
If you're known for your burgers then, burger menu templates are the right match for you. Available in many different styles, classic to retro and fun, burger menu templates can be creatively designed to
    Showcase your signature burgers
    Upsell add one like extra bacon for $.99
    Cross-sell milkshakes or root beer floats
    Increase average ticket sales with make it a combo for $2.99 more
    Increase special appetizer sales

2. Fast-Casual Restaurant Menu 
One of today's hottest and fastest-growing restaurant segments, fast-casual restaurants offer a modern yet quick turn around dining experience that offers high quality yet affordable meals.
    Create a unique and memorable brand image
    Superbly showcase your most popular items
    Remind guests of your carry out and Car side to-go options
    Drive social media awareness
    Promote your ordering mobile app

3. Pizza Menu Templates
There is nothing like a good pizza! Take your menu to the next level with a slick pizza menu template that demands attention and sets you apart from other pizzerias in town.
    Spotlight your family-style pizza deals
    Advertise deals of the day and week
    Upsell breadstick and appetizer sales
    Incorporate mouth-watering pizza images
    Correctly promote delivery and carry out

4. Coffee Shop Menu Templates
Set the ambiance and mood with a creatively designed coffee shop menu template that eloquently lists your coffees, macchiatos, bakery items, and specialty drinks.
    Subtly upsell that extra shot of espresso
    Promote upcoming events and promotions
    Advertise seasonal and holiday drinks
    Feature high margin specialty breakfast sandwiches

5. BBQ Menu Templates
Backyard to southern, create the perfect BBQ menu template that fits your brand and BBQ style. From a clean black on white high contrasting theme to flames of the grill, you have many fun and edgy design options that will surely be crowd leaders.
    Create value and include your pitmasters story
    Promote your catering options
    Cross-sell sides and desserts
    Include stunning BBQ meat platter images
    Upsell BBQ sauces and seasoning rubs

6. Deli Menu Templates
Perfect for on-the-go guests, deli menu templates need to be designed for easy and quick reading in a memorable fashion. Neatly organize your deli menu categories into concise and sharp sections that captivate and properly sell more of your higher-margin items.
    Showcase your specialty salads
    Cross-sell your sides of soup or chili
    Drive demand with pictures of your signature corn-beef sandwiches
    Promote carry out and catering 
    Offer daily lunch specials