Every website owner and content creator fears that someone else will copy their content. For long digital marketing agencies thought about this. But not long enough. Since in 2009, Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo came together to create Canonical Tags. 


Search engines can now understand which websites have original content and which of them don't. Digital marketing solutions owe it to Canonical Tags. 


Let's read more about it. 


What is a Canonical Tag?


It is a snippet of HTML text that helps search engines sort out real from duplicate content over the websites. You can use canonical tags to specify the main version of the content from similar content under different URLs. The primary version will be the only one getting indexed. 


You can ask a decent agency giving digital marketing solutions to incorporate canonical tags in your HTML text. 


Most common mistakes of Canonical Tags you should avoid


Even the best SEO company can sometimes feel confused about Canonicalization. It is a complex topic and needs a strong hold on digital marketing solutions to get it right.


An error in Canonicalization will confuse the crawlers or search engine spiders, leading to compromises in ranking on search engines results page. 


#1 Mistake: Preventing canonicalized URL using robots.txt


If an agency giving digital marketing services blocks Google from crawling a URL in robots.txt, the crawlers won't be able to see any canonical tags on that page. 


Even the best digital marketing company in USA or any other part of the world can't pass link equity from non-canonical to canonical sites. 


Link equity or link juice is the value or authority one website passes to another. It helps search engines see worth in your linked pages; your ranking will suffer without it. 


#2 Mistake: Using multiple Canonical Tags on a single page


There shouldn't be more than a single canonical tag on a page. In fact, when you give digital marketing solutions to a client, make sure you tell them to reuse the same tag on multiple pages. 


For example, if seven pages have similar content, you can add the same canonical tag to six pages. The last one left is the main page, and it should be mentioned on all the six pages. 


#3 Mistake: Using redirects with Canonical Tags


Canonical tags and redirects help the crawlers identify the main page from duplicate ones. Redirects are 301 or 302. When digital marketing services combine redirects and canonical, it leads to errors. 


#4 Mistake: Using the HTTP format


HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. The main page should always start with HTTPS instead of HTTP. It is because search engine crawlers will rank based on HTTPS format. 


The best digital marketing company in USA can also help rank a page available on HTTPS only. 


#5 Mistake: Placing the Canonical Tags n the body


Head sections must have a canonical tag. Many agencies and website owners themselves put these tags in the body section. Even if all your digital marketing solutions are aligned, the wrong place to put a canonical tag will undo everything.


Google crawlers overlook a canonical tag in the body section.  


Closing Words:


The most promising part is canonical tags aren't that complicated. Being the best SEO company, you just need to understand their concepts fairly well for the proper implementation.


If you are still unsure or have doubts about canonical tags, reach Consagous Technologies for a better ranking with result-oriented digital marketing solutions. 


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