The Beninca Maroc barrieres automatiques are easy to install and can perform many different functions. This type of security barrier can do reconnaissance, detection, identification, counting, and make decisions based on a series of inputs. In some cases, they are even used as emergency services. If you want to add a barriere automatique maroc to your facility, read on to discover how it works and how you can get one. You can also read more about these barriers by visiting the Beninca Maroc website.


An automatic barriere is a device that opens and closes itself without human intervention. It is equipped with a series of functions, including identification and counting of the vehicles that approach it. Some barrieres even have acoustic alerts. Another great feature of an automatic barrier is its ability to detect metal objects. It can even take decisions based on the information it has received from a sensor.

Another attractive feature of the M-BAR6 is its ability to detect obstacles. The barriere is equipped with a photocell pre-installation. Its aluminium couvercle and INOX steel fut make it durable. The barriere is also equipped with a system for controlling motor absorption during its movement. It can be positioned in a lane to direct traffic. The barriere is suitable for both left and right openings.

FAAC 617

The FAAC 617 is an electromechanical barrier that allows for easy installation and self-learning. Its irreversible motor deters break-in attempts and has a solid 7-meter bras. Its stainless steel body, finished with a polyester powder paint finish, is highly weather resistant. The FAAC 617 is suitable for both intense and intermittent traffic. It is a high-quality barrier that is perfect for both residential and commercial properties.

The automatic maroc barrier is a motorised gate that is adapted to various applications. The barrier opens and closes automatically without any human intervention. This barrier can be operated with a badge, a magnetic boucle, a reader or an automatic access control system. The FAAC 617 has been developed for use in a variety of settings, including industrial, tertiary and occasionnal applications.


The INOX barriere automatique maroc can be easily installed and can do a series of tasks. They can detect metal, identify people and objects, and can take decisions. They can be used for different purposes, from surveillance to emergency services. This makes them a practical choice for any type of security or access control application. They can also be easily customized and installed to suit your specific needs. In addition to providing safety and security, barrieres automatiques can reduce security agents' workload and improve access control.

Designed to prevent injuries and reduce insurance costs, the INOX barriere maroc is highly durable and can be installed in a wide variety of locations. It is easy to use and comes with a variety of security features, including a safety-test button and a countdown clock. If you are installing a barrier in a public or private place, you will also find a wide range of maintenance and installation services from the NOXI Maroc team.


Automatic barriers are a great way to restrict access to certain areas without the intervention of people. They can open and close automatically without human intervention, and they can be programmed to perform a number of actions such as counting and identification. You can also program this barrier to alert you if someone attempts to breach the security perimeter. The automatic barriers are available in a number of styles and can be used in a variety of situations, including tertiary, industrial, and occasionnal access.

The LADY 5 automatic barriere is designed to withstand Moroccan climates and is suitable for both a left or right opening. Its jupe is made of aluminium and is easy to install. It is available in either a right or left opening, and accepts a variety of lisses. The Lady 5 barriere can cover up to five meters. The barriere is very durable and is easy to maintain. Its lisses can be a two-meter or five-metre aluminum lisse.