Students and corporate learners always wish that they could learn everything they need to know a day before the impending examinations. Sounds impossible, right? 

But, is it?


Today, e-learning app developers, to some extent, have made it a reality. Since microlearning or bite-sized learning has entered the picture, it's possible to recall or learn all the facts within a few hours.


However, this doesn't mean that the learners don't have to sit for classes or acquire a thorough understanding of the topic with its practical implications.  


What is Microlearning?


Microlearning in online learning and corporate training is when learners are exposed to small information modules. These mini libraries help them learn a skill, task, or explore a specific idea. 


Microlearning takes care of only the targeted knowledge for a particular job. It doesn't cover everything in general. The technique helps when you need it the most.


However, it can replace traditional and complete online learning and employee training programs. Even so, it is a highly effective addition to the curriculum. 


With e-learning mobile app development, it's easier to create online learning and training content for learners, leading to long-term employee retention. 


Let's see how microlearning can combine with e-learning app development to give exceptional results in online learning and training for employee activities.


1. Using a responsive e-authoring tool


Responsive LMS mobile app development services and authoring tools help design courses that support multiple devices and browsers. The e-learning app developers make learning portals highly adaptable, so the change in screen and resolution doesn't affect the learners' experience. 


Responsive training and learning materials delivered to the learners help save their time, enhancing their corporate training experiences. 


2. Targeted Online Training Videos


For corporate training, eLearning videos work like magic. Microlearning is best served with videos that explore a particular topic or task and guide the learners through the entire process step-by-step. 


Narration and music as part of auditory e-learning app development and visual effects for people who respond well to graphics and images go a long way in retaining the concepts. 


Subtitles and captions help learners who suffer from hearing loss or know a different language. Pause, play, and flexibility in viewing videos are essential for the learner to be able to absorb the information as and when they are ready. 


3. Additional Resources


Many people may understand only a part of the entire learning process by microlearning. But, in reality, this learning process in e-learning app development prevents cognitive overload. 


Imagine if your faculty tries to cover many topics in a single lecture. How would you respond? After a time, your brain will go into a state of fatigue and won't even remember the simplest concepts. 


But, this doesn't necessarily mean that providers should not give additional study materials and in-depth articles to the learners who have the time and willingness to pull it through. 


4. Infographics


Highly interactive infographics can solve the learners' problem of frequent memory loss. What you see, you remember, and you remember better works all the time.


Every educational app development company can highlight facts and figures using visually stunning infographics for added value. Make it concise and to the point and cover only a single topic for best results. Several authoring tools can help you create engaging infographics to boost the overall impact of your course. 


5. Tell a Story


Storytelling in microlearning gives high engagement and boosts employee morale. As education app development takes diverse methods, storytelling can be the most powerful form of knowledge retention. Old leaders have emphasized the importance of stories. Pair them up with music, graphics, or charts, which help learners with their creative visualization. 


Closing Words-


Microlearning works best for corporate learners and working professionals who lack time to traditionally sit in a place and ingest knowledge. It can also become part of a traditional learning program, where mini-knowledge capsules can be summarized after every topic.


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