While you’re enjoying your extended family holiday or vacation in the Tropical paradise of Maui in Hawaii, you ought to try the private surf lessons, as offered by an expert guide at “Snorkel & Surf Co.” which is a locally owned beach gear rental company. In fact, all solo backpackers, adventure holidaymakers, family travelers, beach guys and water sports enthusiasts love indulging in private surf lessons, while on a soul refreshing and rejuvenating holiday to this magical Hawaiian Island, which is so naturally beautiful. And, what better than hiring a private guide or a surfboarding instructor to get an adrenaline gushing feel of the real waves of the pristine blue waters of the Pacific, under expert supervision. The pricing for one such surf lesson in Maui is dirt cheap, with prices starting as low as $150 USD, which is worth the fun and excitement. Here, you’re taught about all the styles, posture and grip on how to smoothly ride on the high waves and control your surfboard, without falling or tripping over into the water, which can also be a great fun when you learn to effectively maneuver your board.


A Beach Holiday in Maui is Never Complete without a Surf Lesson or a Snorkeling

It is a one-to-one or group surf lesson that is becoming increasingly popular among beach lovers, tourists and water sports enthusiasts that come here to enjoy their tropical beach holiday. In fact, Maui thrills all professional surfers and novices with its high waves all the year round that instantly attract adventure sports lovers. The professional surf lessons Maui are provided by experienced, insured, CPR certified and qualified instructors that have surfed in some of the highest and biggest waves in Hawaii, and in almost all top-rated surfing beaches in the US. So, if you’re looking for an expert private surf guide on Maui, HI, it is always recommended to choose a surf & snorkel company that not only offers the best beach gear rentals, but also offers the most professionally oriented surf lessons & surf guides in Maui to all new surfboarding learners that want to enjoy their Hawaiian vacation to the fullest. You’re going to love and cherish every single moment spent on this pristine beach and riding over the cool blue Pacific waves. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it!