Digital marketing agencies can be an invaluable business partner. They can be a valuable business partner, but you may not know how important they are. Your job as a sales manager and marketing manager is to get customers through your "front doors".

81% of customers today research online before buying. It is vital to have a strong online presence. This will support, engage, and nurture customers all the way through their customer journey. This can be achieved by an  digital marketing agency birmingham

What is Digital Marketing? How Can it help me ?

Digital marketing can be described as a multifaceted strategy that targets, reaches, and builds relationships online with customers. Digital marketing can be an effective tool that can bring you huge results. Blogs can increase brand leads by 67% when used alone, compared to blogs that don't. SEO converts at 14.6 percent, which is significantly more than traditional outbound marketing's 1.7%.

These are the most crucial tactics in digital marketing.

  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Video Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Online advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

A variety of strategies, tactics, and online tools can be used by digital marketing agencies to help businesses achieve their marketing and sales goals. Solopreneurs and small marketing teams may have difficulty planning and executing a successful online campaign.

Digital advertising is vast. It's helpful to look at the most common types of digital agencies and the services they offer.

7 Types Of Digital Marketing Agencies

If you aren't familiar with the industry, it can be difficult to find a top-notch digital marketing agency. Some agencies are specialized in one service while others offer many services. Your budget, your goals and your willingness to spend money will all play a role in choosing the right digital agency for your company. These are the top seven types of digital agencies.

1. Digital Marketing Agency

Multichannel marketing and online marketing are two ways digital marketing agencies can reach their customers. Customers can communicate with agencies via one or more channels. There are many channels that customers can use to interact with agencies. These include email, blogs, social media, and email. Customers can enjoy seamless digital marketing experiences on all devices and channels. Traditional marketing services are not offered by digital marketing agencies.

2. Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

Full-service agencies offer more digital marketing services than any other agency and are often larger than the rest. Many companies prefer full-service agencies because they can handle specific projects, such as website redesigns and lead nurturing campaigns. Full-service agencies are able to add strength and flexibility to existing marketing teams at a fraction of what it costs to hire new staff.

3. Inbound Marketing Agency

Inbound agencies provide inbound strategies and tactics that differ from traditional outbound. Inbound marketing agencies help businesses position themselves online to attract customers, build trust and establish credibility. Although inbound strategies can yield significant results, it takes six to twelve months before sales leads or "hockey sticks", which are the main goals of Inbound Marketing agencies.

4. SEO Agency

Digital marketing agencies that specialize in search engines optimization (digital market) can help clients rank websites and content higher in search results. Here are some services they offer

  • Keyword research
  • Website audits
  • Backlink audits
  • Blog content and website
  • Assessment of metadata: This is the evaluation of quality URLs, title tags, and meta descriptions.
  • Video description optimization
  • Link building
  • There are other options.

An SEO company will employ a variety of website development tools and data analysis such as Google Analytics. SEO agencies should adopt search engine optimization best practice early on, even if it means ignoring Google's continually changing search algorithm.

5. Agency Digital Ad (PPC strong>

Paid search (also known to paid advertising) can be used to drive traffic to a company’s website. Paid traffic can be used as an alternative to organic traffic. This involves placing ads on search result pages and spending money on keywords. Digital ads can be displayed online, on search result pages (SERPs), and through social media channels.

Digital advertising agencies are skilled in creating attention-grabbing, keyword-rich ads that follow the best practices of each platform. The most popular services are Instagram and Facebook.

6. Online Ad Agency/PPC Agency

Paid search (also known by paid advertising) is a way to drive traffic to websites. Paid traffic can be more costly than organic traffic. To place ads on search engines and bid for keywords, you must pay money. Digital ads can be placed online, on search result pages, or via social media channels. While digital ads can be used quickly to get leads, it is essential to set up your campaign properly to reach your target audience.

Specialized online marketing agencies are adept at creating eye-catching ads that follow best practices. Online agencies can be hired as a standalone agency or as part of a larger online strategy. PPC can be effective by itself, but it is more efficient when combined with a long-term strategy to make the most of paid traffic.

7. Social Media Agency

Social media agencies can help companies establish and maintain a presence in social networks. Social media agencies can place and create ads on social media networks like Facebook and Instagram. They can also answer customer questions via social media. They might also be able offer influencer marketing and cross-promotion.

8. Web Design Agency

A web agency is a group of talented designers who create customized, optimized websites for businesses. Web designers will manage your pages' appearance, feel, and functionality. Many web agencies offer services such as user experience/user interface (UX/UI), design and research, image storage, and web programming.