Stunning Hatta mountains tour, thrilling bike trail, waterfalls and pools, beautiful park and heritage village; There is plenty to see and do. Since there is a set of activities, it is a good idea to prepare things to work on the hutta list before you start traveling to this beautiful place. If you enjoy the calm, natural waters of Hatta Tal, keep in mind that these pools are actually on the Oman side of mountain paradise. Therefore you need to sort out your visa and other documentation before taking a road trip to the pool. However, other attractions in Hatta, such as Hatta Dam, Wadi Hub, Hatta Hill Park and Heritage Village are located within the UAE borders.

Situated in a thousand mountains, Hatta is already popular with outsiders. Hatta Pool and surrounding areas have reported AED 1.3b investment in recent times. In addition to promoting outdoor activities, the authorities hope to attract visitors from historical, social and cultural sites. An eco-friendly place offers many activities to be perfect for a weekend getaway. One of the most popular natural attractions of the UAE and Oman is the Thousand Mountains.

A complete guide to your endeavor for Hatta-Katte and Beyond
This blog provides answers to all possible questions you may have about traveling from Dubai to Hatta Pool. Read on to find out all the necessary details about Hatta Pool Road Trip.

Omani visa under investigation
This place on the border between Oman and UAE is a geographical disorder. Typically, the boundary consists of heavy land or barren lands. However, this border is a thriving tourist destination.

Last year, the government of Oman changed its policies and tourists can no longer obtain visas upon arrival. That means you have to apply for a visa before traveling to Hatta Pool. However, the good thing is that tourist visas can be obtained online from its official website. Passport holders from more than 70 countries can apply for a tourist visa without an Omani sponsor. Holders of passports from other countries can also easily obtain these visas through leading travel agencies in Dubai.

You can opt for 10 day short term visas, month days or year visas. To go to Hatta Pool, a 10 day visa is sufficient. The fee for this visa is around AED 48 and is usually issued within 72 working hours.

Those who apply online should scan and upload the following documents:

GCC Residence Visa
Any previous Oman visas in your passport
Hotel Booking (if applicable)
View of Hazara Pahad and Hatta Tal
You can opt for a 10 day short visa to visit Hot Pools
Hatta equipment required
Here are some activities you can enjoy.

Hutta Rock Pool
The mountainous areas are attractive due to the approach developed over the years. The flow of water changes the whole landscape. In fact, mountains and rocks take on some unique shape depending on the flow of water.

A similar can be seen here. At the intersection of Hutta Rock, pools were formed with streams of fresh water flowing between narrow openings in the rock. These natural freshwater springs and waterfalls are the perfect place to enjoy and relax in the stunning natural beauty around you.

Morning or afternoon is the best time to dip when the sun does not fall on you. Freshwater currents constantly shape these rocks and eventually form various ponds. The water is very clear, you can also see fishing schools. If your kids are fans of Name Finding Nemo, it's hard to see them away from this beautiful scene.

Hatta Rock Pool View
Hatta Rock Pools are the perfect place to enjoy the stunning natural beauty
Biking Trail, Heritage Village, Zipline and more
Nature and adventure are completely in Hatta. The background of a thousand powerful mountains is a natural playground for the adventurous. You wander the wonderful trail. If you do not have a bike, you can always rent a bike. Be prepared to sweat a lot to get ready for a walk in the park. You can also take the guided "Hatta Pool Tour" to learn more about this amazing place. Learn about its heritage, history and wildlife thriving in the area.

If you are not in the mood to cycle, you can go to Hatta Dam. Away from the glamorous lifestyle of Dubai, this place is a quiet oasis where you can enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery. For adventurous souls, kayaking at Hunting Dam is the main attraction of the area. Additionally, you can go zip-lining from the Hata Wadi hub. This scenery image is only perfect and gives you a panoramic view of the hills.

Additionally, you can take part in archery rounds or take some adventurous rope courses. Hatta-in is the perfect place to enjoy water sports. In this water jump park, you can swim up the hill with jorbing, slide into these crystal clear waters and enjoy a round of stunts. There are so many activities to choose from.

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For young families, Hatta Tour  Hill Park offers an ideal place to relax and have a good time. There is a special playground that keeps children busy for longer. Also, in the village of Hatta Heritage, you can learn about real people. Hatta Fort and the 17th century Zuma Mosque give you an authentic understanding of the place.

They have a history of about 3,000 years and the village was redeveloped in 2001. It is one of the oldest places in the United Arab Emirates and being here gives you an insight into the primitive lifestyle. You can see how their culture has evolved over time.