There can be situations where there are sudden surge in demands for work needing to get done and you find yourself scrambling to get more manpower and help. However, your teammates are packed to the brim and are on the verge of a burn-out. Where do you turn to now?

If your company experiences such cyclical periods of being busy and slow all year round, it can be difficult to manage your workforce and productivity. In certain cases, you just don't know if you want to add more permanent headcount as the increase in cost would not be able to justify the return-on-investment.

This is when many people and businesses turn to temporary staffing as an ideal solution. One misconception many might have would be that temporary staffing is only applicable to positions such as receptionists or office assistants. However, what they fail to realise is that many other roles can also be fitted with temporary staffings when the need arise. Such examples would be event coordinators, event managers, customer service officers, temperature scanners, roadshow support, field research officers, warehouse crew as well as crew and airport staffing.

Here are three reasons why hiring temporary staffing through Manpower Agencies in Singapore can save you both, time and money:

  1. Huge time and budgets go into the hiring process; Costs such as advertisements, interviews, benefit schemes and the whole employee's package. By using a manpower agency in Singapore, onboarding is made much easier and cheaper, as the agency would be able to take care of the recruitment, screening and administrative issues that come with the new hire- especially for staffing that comes and goes!

With a temporary staffing agency, you will also be able to find qualified candidates faster as they already have a local talent pool. When you Hire Temporary Staffing Singapore, they agency will also manage all contract extensions and terminations for you if needed, so that you and your team can concentrate on the more important tasks at hand.

  1. You get to cut cost when it comes to benefit packages; people typically expect less benefits when they work under a manpower recruitment agency in Singapore. Traditionally, incentives also include sick days, annual leaves, insurances, and so on. All these will be parked under the recruitment agency’s schemes and you can will notice less annual leave benefits for example, as the temporary staffing would be parked under their headcount, not yours. An recent example of this would be when an organization or company Hire Temperature Screeners Singapore during the COVID-19 period.


  1. When using a manpower agency in Singapore, you also need not worry about complying with the different manpower rules and regulations as these would be taken care of for you by the agency. This would also help with audit preparations when it is time for the yearly audits, should you come from a bigger organization.

Hiring temporary manpower is a wonderful way of finding supervisors, managers and leaders with the expertise necessary to carry out crucial roles in a short period of time. It is often safer to have this outsourced than to have an internal employee take up a new role that he or she may not initially be familiar with. This not only saves a company precious resources and time, but also ensures that the job is carried out by someone who best fits the role.

What you need to make sure of, though, is that you engage the right manpower staffing company for your needs. A reliable, efficient and responsive agency that understands your needs like In D Grey in Singapore for example, will definitely be your right-hand man and a true partner for your company for the long-term.