Bashing in Doon Dubai
Dubai is one of the most beautiful and wonderful place in the Middle East. Like flame kites, tourists from all over the world visit this lovely Arabic paradise all year round. With so much to do, learn and deal with, it’s no surprise that this city is such a boring tourist magnet. From visiting many parks and skyscrapers, to skydiving, jet skiing, scuba diving and mouth-watering dunes into its huge malls and retail, Dubai is a city for everyone. Before the development, construction and industrial boom, Dubai was (and still is) a desert safari region. Throughout this post, we examine a practice that has become a part of Dubai's history for decades and centuries.

Doon topped the list of Dubai safaris
Here are some handmade ding beaches for desert safaris:
1. Desert Safari with Live Entertainment, BBQ Dinner and Red Dinner
Get ready for a spectacular desert drive through the deep red sand dunes in the middle of the Lahab Desert. You climb 4x4 and leave the city into the desert. You have the option of choosing a 4x4 pick-up truck or coach move.

After the tour, you will reach a regular Bedouin camp, where you can find other desert activities. Here you can tour the camels, take pictures of ragaya sheesh and henna. It should be an evening full of spices to entertain the famous tanura and fire displays and belly dancers. You can also come by wearing simple Arabic clothes and take pictures of your own Arabic movie. At the end of the day, you are going to have a wonderful meal, which can be enjoyed along with complimentary soft drinks, juice, tea and coffee. With a wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, your buffet will definitely fit your choice.

2. Morning down drive with sandboarding and fat bike riding
Start your desert journey with a spectacular desert drive between the red sand dunes of the Lahab region. Join an exciting journey on an ever-changing dune with an exciting sand ride session‌ that will make you happy and how to dress! However, the focus of this excursion is towards a thick bike ride over the dunes. Over the next hour, watch the rising sun and sand dunes for an exciting fat bike ride with your fellow travelers.

Once you have increased your appetite, enjoy a healthy, delicious picnic breakfast in the desert and go home and embrace heartily!

3. Evening Dune Buggy Safari + BBQ Dinner + Live Entertainment
After the buggy adventure session, you will arrive at a typical Bedouin camp, where many desert experiences await you. Here you will get a taste of camel walks, herbal heads and rosemary paintings.

It is a lot of fun as the performers perform traditional tanora, fire performance and ballroom dances. After the game; You can take pictures of yourself and your family and friends dressed in distinctive Arabic attire. By the end of the day you will be taken to a delicious buffet cooked with the highest quality and highest treatment. With a wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods, the buffet is great for dinner.

Morning desert safari
If you want to skip the sandy beach, a morning desert safari Dubai is for you. You walk on dunes, quad bikes, sandboarding and camels. Most deals offer AED 30 quad bikes at an additional cost. You are using a 4WD vehicle for most of the journey. Any tour operator will sell antique drives with a preference for retro touch 60 years ago, while others will display the latest versions of the Land Cruiser.

Many of the activities include henna painting and camel riding. After 20-30 minutes of cracking the dun, you will be brought to your camp, where you can rest. You want to get a toenail tattoo on your palm, or you can ride the desert like a camel.

You will be picked up from your hotel in a large, air-conditioned 4WD with a capacity of 6-8 passengers. If you have six parties, you are going to get the whole trip on your own without the involvement of strangers. After the trip, the drop-off is still open. Read more ...

Evening desert safari
Often called the sunset safari, when it falls in the evening. If you want a relaxed atmosphere, the Evening Desert Safari is perfect for you. However, the highlights of the kit remain the same. You and other passengers are picked up at 4WD. Once you reach your goal, you will be happy with Amirite’s favorite pastime. It has powerful sand dunes at full speed, causing the car to bounce and take the sand in its path.

Apart from the thrill, the sand dunes look amazing at sunset and it is a spectacular sight. Your driver will usually stop the process as you admire the breathtaking beauty of the desert. Read more ...

Overnight desert safari
The sandy desert sand, the soft glow of the lamp that illuminates the warm light in the tent, makes for a night safari that evokes the old-fashioned pain of the night. To further enhance the sunset safari, you have an overnight desert safari tour, an easy way to show off the richness of the desert and the nuances of life. On winter nights you will love your coffee in the cafe or under a tree or on a wooden bench in your courtyard - but here you will find a steaming cup of Arabica coffee (mahwa) in the middle of a desert lamp. I do this with my colleagues.

As part of this plan several tour companies are now offering stargazing with a skilled astronomer. For example, the degree of comfort depends on the amount given to you. You get everything you need on a evening desert safari Dubai trip and all of these are worth it. Read more ...