Having an internet site security check is significant since websites now play an enormous role in attracting clients to your business and potential customers want to feel safe while browsing or buying online. This service stamps your website with a ‘website security tested’ badge, that permits clients to feel secure and at an equivalent time helps boost sales online.

Dotsquares Web Application Security Audit service is an online security audit, performed by experienced security professionals. The service is meant to carefully push the defenses of Internet networks and applications. it's suitable for commissioning, third party assurance, post-attack analysis, audit and regulatory purposes where independence and quality of service are important requirements.

This service provides a full website security audit which will test the whole website employing a sort of attack methods, starting from MySQL attacks to DNS poisoning attacks. the appliance security audit may be a simulated, realistic hacker attack on an application and its associated front- and back-end systems. During the available testing time, all security vulnerabilities are systematically looked for . Much of the work is completed manually and therefore the testers put themselves within the role of a hacker. Our security consultants employ the newest methods and tricks that also are utilized by «real» hackers and crackers.