As I turned into about completed with exploring the island, I visited the kiosk in the plaza, where players can get custom designs to Animal Crossing Bells place on their clothes and display their help for the Biden Harris campaign.

Created through Biden and Harris’ campaign crew, Biden HQ is a a laugh and lighthearted way for Animal Crossing players of every age to research more approximately the marketing campaign. With over thirteen million gamers global, Biden is able to attain a large target audience inside the sport, inclusive of gamers from all beliefs and backgrounds.

While it is important that people of balloting age are able to visit and experience Biden HQ, it’s similarly (if now not more) important that younger gamers are added to politics and balloting in a manner they could enjoy and understand, hopefully fostering a era that is politically active and inspired to create alternate.

A sport may not appear like a good deal inside the grand scheme of factors, but it turned into truely cool to peer a presidential candidate exploring new and unique marketing campaign strategies to attain one-of-a-kind businesses of humans.