How to Protect Your E-Bike from being Stolen

Will electric bikes get stolen? The answer, definitely, is yes! Just assuming that several regular bikes are parked beside your electric bicycles, which one is far more susceptible to theft? Typically, an e-bike comes with the tag of higher monetary value, at the same time bringing about a higher risk of pilfering. As long as you’re running errands or doing outdoor workouts with your two-wheeled apparatus, these are what you should take into account: What can you do to prevent your electronic bike from being stolen? How to lock your ebike properly? Which lock should you use? In this post, you will find some helpful tips.To get more news about Fat Tire Electric Bikes, you can visit official website.

Always lock your electric bike rather than leave it unattended even when you plan to hop off it temporarily for a cup of coffee or takeaway food. If you are on a routine or commute ride, try asking the store proprietors or facility administrators if they could store your ebikes indoors. Some of the workplaces and shopping malls have set up specialized storage facilities or lockups for bicycles and ebikes, and even a comprehensive charging station, which is watched by administrators for a safer tendance. Or park your electronic bicycle at some locations that you keep an eye on all the time.To get more news about electric bikes for adults, you can visit official website.
A bicycle rack or bike bollard is accessible for most of the areas, covering all the commercial places that own high vehicular traffic and pedestrians. You could easily find an outdoor bike rack there and lock your ebike for short-term parking even though there is no guarantee. But it’s better to lock up your e-bike in busy places rather than a dark alley or laneway, which allows thieves to pick the lock with plenty of time and snap up your e-bike without attracting attention. Alternatively, lock it in bike lockers or lockups for a high level of protection especially when you are going to park your e-bike for over 2 hours or during the day. A set of considerations should be given to secure parking surroundings: Are there CCTV or video surveillance devices around?To get more news about fat tire electric bike for sale, you can visit official website.
No lock is impregnable. It’s merely a matter of time before a thief breaks your lock simply with bolt cutters or angle grinders. When seeing a lock on your e-bike, thieves need to consider the expenditure of energy and time and figure out whether it worth stealing. As a result, investing in a good-quality lock could slow the pilfering process down, or impede thieves completely and convert their target to an easier one that of poor security. So it is important to make sure your lock is up to this deterrent task.

Aside from built-in locks, locks come in all sorts of types, which differ in materials, size, and shapes, leading to discrepant security rates. U-locks, also called D-locks, being heavy and in fixed shape, carry with a higher security level than lightweight cable locks that can be easily cut through with a plier. Not only U-locks, but other locks like chain locks, folding locks, wire locks, and smart locks, can hardly withstand the violent vandalization by hydraulic shears and crowbars. Generally, details determining the efficiency, a quality lock with better hydraulic resistance will secure your eBike at a lower risk. Taking U-locks as an example, the keyway of straight or cross shape has a poorer performance of anti-theft than crescent and ring shape.
You can place a GPS tracking system on your eBike, and usually conceal it in battery, saddle, or light, which will not come into much notice. Most of the tracking devices support apps to get real-time information, greatly reducing theft and alert cyclists if someone is moving their ebikes. Once the eBike is stolen or removed, the phone will vibrate and alarm as soon as possible. It is also an effective way to grasp clues where your electric bike exactly is and getting your e-bike back.
Alarms are the same as locks, just a deterrent to thieves. Place an anti-theft alarm within the battery enclosure or on other parts, and confirm that it is noticeably audible to deter a thief from stealing your electric bicycles.