Fiber Optic Cleaner, Fiber Optic Cleaning Pen With 800

This 2.5Mm One-Push Fiber Optic Cleaning Pen Is Great For Quickly Removing Dirt, Dust, Oil And Grease From Optical Fiber Adapters. It Is Designed To Clean Sc Fc And St Connectors.They Are Great At Cleaning Hard-To-Reach Areas, Ferrule End-Faces And Inside The Plug Within Fiber Optics Connectors.Get more news about best price fiber optic cleanner pen suppliers,you can vist our website!
Fiber cleaner pen suitable for many connectors. 2.5mm(SC/FC/ST)1.25mm(LC/MU),it can satisfied different customer's is made with an anti-static resin, this blue applicator was designed for many applications, including fiber cable assemblies, switchers, servers, panels, labs, and more.

- This Fiber Cleaner ,Made Of Anti Static Materials,Has A Shape Of Common Pen, Which Is Easily Handle And Operate The Cleanings. Its Cleaning System Rotates 180°For A Full Sweep, The Cleanliness Can Reach 95% Or Above, Audible Click When Fully Engaged.

- Simple Pushing Motion Engages Connector And Initiates Cleaner, Automatically Advance With Fresh Cleaning Tape ;Low Cost Per Clean,Up To 800+ Cleans.

- Fiber Optic Cable Cleaners Can Be Damaged Easily In Your Tool Kit, So We Included A Protection Container That Will Keep It Safe During On Site Operations.Designed To Specially Work Well With Sc/St/Fc Connectors.

- Dirty Connectors Cause A Major Percentage Of Fiber Optic Network Failures And Sometimes Even Damage The Fiber Optic.The Most Simple Prevention Is To Clean Connectors. Fiber Optic Cleanser,Just One Motion To Clean Your Fiber Connectors,Protect Your Fiber Optic Network Easily And Consistently.