In last few years vapour, electronic cigarettes have overtaken a big market of smokers after defeating tobacco cigarette. Vapour cigarettes contain all the health benefits and that work against the tobacco cigarette. Some strong fans of tobacco state that vapour E-cigarettes is a duplicate copy of tobacco cigarette and they are not able to perform like a real cigarette. But the consumers of vapour E-cigarettes does not agree with this statement and give the reason that vapour E-cigarettes can satisfy craving and also it is good for health and pockets. These are also easily available at Vape Store AustraliaWhat else do we need? Let's discuss various reasons that prove how tobacco cigarettes have lost the battle against e-cigarettes?


Reason that prove vapour E-cigarettes clear winner


  • Number of vapour E-cigarettes brands: - In just few yearsof popularity of Australian Vape Store, E Liquid Concentrates has gained so much reputation and produce more than 250 brands of e-cigarettes. These brands allow a customer freedom to choose which product he wants.


  • It is amazing that no one has ever wondered this superb number of vapour E Liquid Flavour Concentrates brands in just about seven years. It has achieved this superb number in just seven years; imagine what can it do for another seven years. World of tobacco cigarette is in great danger. This round goes in the favor of e-cigarette.


  • The manufacturer of tobacco cigarette.-Vapour cigarettes have won another round with the help of tobacco manufacturers, being a money maker they are transforming their tobacco factories in vapour electronic cigarettes factories. A number of US tobacco companies have almost replaced their tobacco production with Best E Liquid Flavor Concentrate. Hence, this round goes completely in the favor of e-cigarettes as consumers will use the same product that is available in the market, and it looked like tobacco has remained very few years in the market.


  • Markets of e-cigarettes: - Final round is also in the e-cigarette's favor. The economy of vapour electronic cigarettes is amazing, according to research by a reliable source. The world economy has collected a whopping amount of $20 million in 2008, which is just after one year of its introduction to the market. After that, it takes a high jump and collects remarkable revenue of $50 million. Research also finds that there is huge possibility that vapour electronic cigarette revenue will cross $1 billion at the end of this year. Overall, all three rounds go in the favor of Diy E Liquid Flavor and make it the champion in the field of smoking.


The major benefit of E-smoking is that it cures habit of smoking tobacco cigarettes in people. Through the help of this electronic cigarette, it becomes possible for a person to make him safe and secure from the diseases that cause due to smoking. In normal cigarettes, tobacco and other harmful substances used which make a person suffer from lungs related diseases but in electronic cigarette, it separate smoke from nicotine substance. So that smoke doesn’t make harmful impact on respiratory organ of smoker.