Most people feel that lockers are essential at their workplace, gym, or any other such public place. Hence, you should invest in lockers if you are an office owner. It would surely be beneficial for your staff members because they will get the opportunity to store things safely without worrying about losing them.

Grace lost her luxury makeup products in the office

Grace was a hardcore makeup lover. She had various high-end makeup products with her. She loved reapplying those products during her office hours. For this, she carried her makeup products to the office also. However, there were no staff room lockers in her office. As a result, she just kept her makeup with all the other things on her table.

But one day when she went to have lunch, she came back only to find that her luxury makeup products were gone. However, she could not accuse anyone of stealing since she had not seen anyone take the products away. All she could do was regret the situation. She thought that if she had office lockers in the office, she would have stored the makeup products there and saved them from getting stolen. She was completely heartbroken after this incident and requested the HR manager to get staff lockers installed.

Leo spilled coffee over important documents

Leo had an important presentation coming up which would directly affect his promotion. He was extremely excited about the presentation and was gathering all the important documents to get the presentation ready at the earliest. He wanted to get things done so that he could practice his presentation several times before the main day. One day, he decided to stay overtime and complete the presentation. For this, he got coffee that would help him stay fresh throughout the time.

But fate had some other plans that day. While working, Leo spilled coffee over the important documents that he had gathered for making the presentation. This majorly affected his work because he could not deliver the presentation on time as he did not have some important documents. This also delayed his promotion and affected his mental health for a long time.

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