Rado’s plasma high-tech ceramic is a perfect example of Modern Alchemy, an emerging movement born of the drive to create beauty through the transformation of materials. Ceramic, a material that has accompanied mankind for thousands of years, has now been given a revolutionary metallic twist. breguet tradition replica
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In a pioneering, cutting-edge process used by Rado, plasma high-tech ceramic is forged in an oven at incredibly high temperatures. Gases activated at 20,000°C raise the temperature of finished white ceramic to a sizzling 900°C, transforming it into an otherworldly material with a mysterious metallic glow – without using any metal at all. rado true square replica
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Inspired by the alchemic processes of yore, Rado’s plasma process transforms precious pure white ceramic into something even more rare and beautiful – a unique and truly contemporary material that shines without sparkle, glows without light, and emanates from within. Thanks to its warm, eye-catching shine, plasma high-tech ceramic works with every skin tone and all the colours in your wardrobe. This fascinating material can be found in many of Rado’s most iconic collections, including the HyperChrome and DiaMaster families. Replica Rado Watch
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Rado Replica watches made with plasma high-tech ceramic combine the appeal of a metallic look with all the benefits of high-tech ceramic. As the plasma carburising process changes the chemical composition of the surface without altering its structure, it does not affect the properties of the ceramic, which maintains the same hardness, scratch resistance, lightness and hypoallergenic properties as other high-tech ceramic colours. And, although the colour is altered only on the surface, it will not fade over time, maintaining its high-tech glow for years to come. chopard alpine eagle replica