In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the player as Sonny will be wanted by the police whenever he makes a mistake. As a crime game, the police are the obstacles that prevent you from becoming the pinnacle of the underworld, and the player needs to be ready to run away if the player is arrested or If you kill it, the player will not be able to complete the mission, and will be deprived of weapons and lose money. So how should the player lower the wanted level to avoid being caught by the police? This article will give you the answer. Want to know more Grand Theft Auto Vice City game tips, at gametopn you will find more what you want.


Wanted Level

How much the police pay attention to you in Vice City depends on your wanted rating, which ranges from one star to six stars.

Sometimes you have to kill the police to escape from the police, so the player's wanted level can only get higher and higher, and eventually it is easy to get arrested, but there are many ways to reduce your wanted level to avoid being arrested and killed. destiny.


Ways to Lower Your Wanted Level

  1. If the player's wanted level is only one star, it is easy to deal with. You only need to avoid the police and leave the police's sight, and the wanted level will disappear.
  2. Players with a wanted level of 2-3 stars can drive a vehicle to find a quiet block or a secluded place, and wait for the wanted level to slowly disappear.
  3. Players can reduce the wanted level by changing clothes in the safe house. Many shops can also change clothes. Changing clothes can reduce the wanted level by two stars. It is recommended that players remember all places where they can change clothes.



  1. Completing the game mission can reduce the player's wanted level to 0. Even if the player is a six-star, many missions require the player to escape the pursuit of the police. Players must be familiar with several good hiding spots, such as subway stations and train tunnels.
  2. Drive the car to Pay 'n' Spray or hide in your own garage, the player needs to make the car disappear or change the color of the car, then the police will not recognize you and the player's wanted level will be restored.
  3. Players can also lower the wanted level by bribing the police. There are many icons of bribing the police in the game. You can reduce your wanted level by one star as long as you walk through them, but if the player's wanted level is high, don't. Use bribe icon.


The above is how to lower the wanted level in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City to avoid being caught by the police. In addition, players must use their driving tools as much as possible when evading the pursuit of the police. If you walk, you will be shot down by the police and arrested in just a few minutes . . I recommend gametopn to everyone, there are a lot of wonderful content and Mobile Games dry goods waiting for you!