What style do you favor? Obviously, we here at The Rat Rod Authority are biased to Rat Rods, there's no doubt about it. But would be liars if we said we are against Hot Rods and Muscle Cars. Here are some ways for you to decide what route to go.

  1. Cost - how LITTLE do I have to spend Rat Rods are definitely the way to go here. they can be built or bought for the least amount of all three. Muscle Cars, depending on their state of originality, vary in price dramatically. Matching numbers can double the value of the car. Lots of parts are available for most brands. Chryslers are a bit more expensive. Hot Rods, depending on how fancy you want, are the most expensive. Extravagant leather interiors, independent suspension, electronic fuel injection are just a few of the creature comforts of a nice Hot Rod.

Savage New Canaan

  1. Use - How comfortable do I want to be? You can still use a Rat Rod if you have a family, it just makes things a little tougher. But it can be accomplished with proper planning. Nope, sorry, still no air conditioning, but seats and seatbelts are necessary. I would do only local cruising because of the comfort level. Hot Rods and Muscle Cars have more complete interiors and some have A/C. Also having all window glass is a plus during those freak summer showers.

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  1. Maintenance - Take good care of my baby Nothing like washing and waxing your favorite vehicle. Or is there? You definitely need to take are of your car be it simple oil changes, valve adjustments, or just a good cleaning. This also depends on what kind of car you drive. I don't know of many people who wash and wax a real Rat Rod, or even properly maintain them, but that's the way it goes with them. a nice Hot Rod or Muscle Car needs its love, especially to keep the value for many years to come.

In conclusion, no matter what you vehicle you choose, whether its the rust bucket style of the Rat Rod, or the Classic American Muscle Car, you need to decide whats best fits you, and in some cases your family, so you can all enjoy a nice drive while keeping everyone happy.