If you are looking for the best floor drain in India for your home or office use, then you are required to select the best brand for customized floor drains. The best brand Ruhe is providing the top designs in custom-made floor drains in India.

All Ruhe floor drains are stainless and provide the best experience for it.

Features of Custom Floor Drain Designs for Home:

  • Use in Bathroom or Shower Room
  • Use in Kitchen or Kitchen Sink
  • Use in Washbasin
  • Use in Balcony Area
  • Use in Terrace
  • Use in Garage
  • Use in House Parking Area

Types of Customized Floor Drains in India

  1. Stainless Steel Round or Square Floor Drains
  2. Tile or Marble Insert Linear and Long Drain Channels
  3. Custom Made Insect Trap Floor Drains

select the best customized floor drains