The Trakstar tractor firm is an agri-gear association that has adjusted the tractor business in India. The target of shipping off this phenomenal tractor is to better the presence of Indian farmers. Farmers' development and advancement are fundamental for their progress and upliftment. In any case, it is essential to stay current with new advances to give the developing society more unmistakable energy and force. Trakstar offers numerous 6 tractor models in India and the HP range from 31 hp to 50 hp. Gromax is an agri-gear substance with a goal focused on bettering the presence of farmers across India, with sensible mechanization game plans. The association acknowledges that the presence of a farmer in India can truly change when he can gain Maximum Growth from his pieces of criticism.


The most popular Trakstar tractor models are Trakstar 540, Trakstar 531, Trakstar 536. This brand of tractor in India has engines that span from 30 to 50 strength. Trakstar tractor prices in India starts from 5.90 lakhs*. The most expensive tractor in the arrangement costs Rs 9.00 lakhs and is seen as the best model. In India, the Trakstar tractor models are the most staggering in the tractor class, with mind boggling plans and metallic plans that make it a famous vehicle.