Sounds impossible, but can be achieved. There are a lot of games on the web where you can burn your fingers, but these games simply force you to give your maximum. They offer you to race or to have freestyle ride, but any game mode you chose you will be able to perform a lot of tricks. By playing them it will raise your adrenalin level and you will feel the great excitement. Of course, we are talking about BMX Games.

These kind of bicycle racing moments you can only capture in the virtual world. You can play now BMX Games online for free, where you can perform some of the insane tricks ever made.

But in the beginning it was not like that! This cute bike was born in the early 1970s and the first purpose of the BMX was to race on dirt tracks. Kids were inspired by motocross superstars of that time and they modify their school bikes into dirt and motocross cycling bikes, so they can be like them. 

Over time BMX world was rapidly developing and they started to move from the dirt tracks to the specifically designed parks that already used by skateboarders. At the beginning that two groups was fighting for supremacy in the parks, but eventually they are used to eachother.

Moving BMX from the dirt tracks into the parks, it created the possibility for new tricks and stunts which you cannot perform in the race. "180", "360", "180 G-Turn", "540 Caballero", "Barhop and Barspin.

Boomerang" and much more would not exist if there is no BMX Park. For the many this is a lifestyle and they don't know for anything else. Also today are organizing many competitions worldwide where ordinary people come to watch their show, stunned how they perform some of the craziest tricks on the BMX bikes.

People are so delighted with their lifestyle and tricks that they want to become a part of that BMX world. By technology development and increased use of the Internet it is created an opportunity to do some of these tricks at home on the computer. 

Kids which like that life style and who want to become the part of that world are starting to compete worldwide who will perform the most craziest stunt or who will earn more points in online BMX games. Engineers have begun to produce a high-quality online game which gives to user the great possibility to do some of the cool tricks and stunts. 

High quality graphics, real time speed, a lot of possibilities and worldwide connection gives to the user a lot of fun and excitement, and finally the some of the cool homemade BMX tricks. Development of the online games compels a lot of publishers to offer as much rich content as they can, so they can win the competition.

Race with your opponent or with the time, or ride your BMX as freestyle and try to perform as many tricks as possible, explore more awesome fun in BMX Games! Warm up your fingers and get ready, because it's BMX Showtime!