If you want to start storing food in Mylar bags, you might be wondering how to use oxygen absorbers. It is very simple to use them. But trusting your food with an oxygen absorber packet can be doubtful to many users. Rightly so, they are confused about the right quantity to use, the time they can be used for, and many similar aspects of using oxygen absorber packets.

What is an oxygen absorber and how does it work?

Oxygen absorbers are products that are readily available in the market. Different types of formulations of oxygen absorbers are available. The one that you will come across on the market contains iron powder. This form of iron is easily oxidized by the air to iron oxide. You can understand the working of an oxygen absorber by imagining foam that absorbs water. It will keep working until it absorbs the water it can hold.

How long should you use an oxygen absorber after opening them?

Oxygen absorbers shouldn’t be exposed to the external atmosphere a lot after opening. Typically they can absorb oxygen for 2-3 hours after opening the package. The package comes with a recommendation for using the absorber. The recommended time that is suggested for most packages is 10 minutes after opening the package. If you haven’t purchased them before, you can buy compartment packs to avoid wastage of oxygen absorbers.

How to know if the oxygen absorber is working?

Most oxygen absorbers contain smooth powdered iron inside them. Once they are oxidized, the powder becomes porous and brittle. It will feel hard on touching and will have a rusty texture on it. If your oxygen absorber package already feels very hard, you shouldn’t be worried as it may be vacuum sealed while packing. All the iron powder inside the package is crushed in one place because of vacuum sealing.

What size oxygen absorber should you buy?

A variety of oxygen absorber sizes are available in the market. Typically people use 500cc oxygen absorbers for a gallon (the size varies according to the type of food). You can always buy a Mylar bag set with an oxygen absorber guide to avoid confusion.

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