First of all you should realize that the girls you are trying to attract online have absolutely no idea of who you are, and any impression they have of you will be ENTIRELY dependent on your PROFILE! youtooz plush will be the ONLY way of communicating your personality, achievements, traits, preferences and beliefs.

Your Profile should effectively communicate everything that attracts these girls instead of repulsing them. Simply said, your profile should bring out all the positive aspects of your life. It could be your appearance, career, social status, wealth etc. Women love to be with successful men, and if your profile conveys that you're a winner, women would soon be flooding your inbox with messages! But going through some of the profiles on Facebook, it seems that some guys have no clue on how to build a winner's profile. So here's some advice on how to amp up your Facebook profile!

This is the most important aspect of your profile. You absolutely need to get this right. We've all heard that first impressions really matter. And yes, a girl's first impression of you will depend entirely on your profile picture. If your profile picture interests her and seems appealing to her, she would visit your profile to know more about you. If your profile picture bores her, she wouldn't even bother checking out your profile. Even if you do have plenty of other cool pics and fun quotations, she wouldn't even know! You will be just one of the hundreds of friends in her friends list and soon you'll be lost in the crowd. Think about it, would you check out a girl's profile, if her profile pic seemed horribly ugly to you? (If you answered 'yes' by any chance, leave immediately) So how do you get your profile pic right?

Here's how. Your profile picture should convey one or more of the following traits: Fun, Adventurous, Strong, Rich, Intelligent and Socially confident. The more traits your profile pic portrays, the better. Try to hit on as many as you can with your profile pic. Let's say your profile pic is of you with your friends at a party, this conveys you're fun, socially confident and maybe even rich. Suppose your pic is of you rock climbing; this conveys you're adventurous, fun and strong. But of course these are just ideas and you should be smart enough to take pics in a way that conveys these traits. But I hope you get the idea. Try to hit on as many positive traits with your profile pic. Be creative, but stay sensible. Don't forget to pay attention to the brightness, contrast and sharpness of your profile picture. Some pictures are so dull and dark you can't figure out who's in it. Don't make that mistake. The new Facebook profile has a new feature of a 'cover photo'. Treat this the same way you would treat the profile picture. Remember the traits!