When a woman likes a man and wants to be a part of his life then she needs to connect with him. Unless she connects it is difficult to know if the guy is what he promises or someone that is just pretending. If you face this dilemma read on and find out how to figure out a guy.Men try to mask gi jane 2 joke know that a girl is attracted to them. This is also some kind of reaction to protect themselves from desperate women. If you feel that the guy is acting aloof and disinterested don't lose heart, instead try and find out for yourself.No matter how hard he tries he will not be able to put on that act for a long time. You have to keep a close watch on him and you will get a moment when he is unguarded. During such times observe his body language and you will get your answers. If he likes you but is pretending otherwise you will catch him checking you out when you are not looking. Once caught, he will have a sheepish expression on his face.If the guy is the shy types or if he is not ready for a relationship he will put up weak defense and act busy when you are around, however, he will steal glances in your direction and that should be sufficient proof that he is also interested in you.Very often girls give up and lose the chance of bagging an otherwise perfect guy. Just because he is not giving any indication you should not lose heart and move on. Persevere and you will be rewarded. How about introducing yourself and offering a hand of friendship. Tell him you want nothing more than that.