If you remain alert you will notice some signals that will confirm your doubts. If he is acting as if he is not interested then he will move away when you join the group. If he does not do so and continues to be present in spite of knowing that you are interested in him then it means he too is interested in gi jane 2 does not have the courage to articulate it. If he continues to be civil to you and greets you cheerfully then he will surely come around if you don't give up. However, don't try to rush him into accepting the fact that he likes you. His ego might get bruised. Once you are in a position to spend a significant amount of time with him he will relax and lower his guard. And this is when he will give out clear signals that he too likes you. No matter how hard he tries he will not be able to put on that act for a long time. You have to keep a close watch on him and you will get a moment when he is unguarded. During such times observe his body language and you will get your answers. If he likes you but is pretending otherwise you will catch him checking you out when you are not looking. Once caught, he will have a sheepish expression on his face.