Food preppers have faced several problems through the years. They not only faced problems, but also tried hard to introduce solutions. On the other hand, other people & companies than food preppers also tried to bring innovative products that will solve their food storage-related problems.

One such company that came forward to handle the problem is Wallaby. With products like 5 gallon Mylar bags for food storage, etc., Wallaby tried to address maximum food storage-related problems. You might be eager to know what problems the products from Wallaby effortlessly solved for the food preppers. So, keep reading to find it out.

Air Contact:

Before Mylar bags, people used air-tight plastic containers to store food for a long-time. And before that, they possibly used pottery containers. But all these couldn't completely solve the problems. But Mylar bags from Wallaby were able to take care of it. The bags are finely created. They do not even let a spec enter the bag and touch the food item. Hence, the possibilities of food spoilage due to air contact were easily eliminated. So, you can also use these bags to protect your shelf food items from getting ruined.

Oxygen Contact:

You might be wondering how oxygen can create problems in food storage. Well, it can combine with hydrogen molecules present in the food items resulting in water molecules. And there are possibilities that moisture can also give rise to germs and bacteria. Therefore, it is better to use the best oxygen absorbers for food storage from Wallaby to keep oxygen molecules away from the bags. These oxygen absorbers are highly efficient and made of safe food-grade materials. So, you can keep them in any type of stored food item without bothering. They will keep every oxygen molecule away from food items.

Light Contact:

Your mother or grandmother might have told you not to keep food items under the sunlight for too long. Otherwise, it will get spoiled, and there is no point in storing it for a long time. Therefore, food preppers must use light-blocking food containers and bags. For this, they can use Mylar zipper bags from Wallaby. The unique design of these bags does not let light enter the bag and ruin the food item. This way, you can store food items for a very long time and enjoy them even after years.

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