Choosing the right control room for your console is crucial regardless of the industry you deal with. This room is one of the most important rooms in any institution as your employees will spend hours working to increase productivity. But for this to happen, the control room needs to align with the employee's and the organization's needs. Therefore, you must consider multiple factors to select the right control room. 


Operators spend long periods in the workplace analyzing data, videos, and other details in any organization. Therefore, the operators cannot afford to be distracted from work due to fatigue, discomfort, or even eye problems. 

With that in mind, you must look for control room console designs with height adjustment options. This way, any person has a chance of being accommodated, and they can freely sit or stand. 

Also, factor in the computer monitors. The monitor should sit arm's length from the operator's eyes. They should also be adjustable; this way, every user of any height can comfortably use them.

Consider the color options. 

The productivity of your operators greatly depends on the color of the console furniture. However, selecting the right color can be tricky, especially with the many available colors. But you can choose the right color by understanding the different color types and their meanings. For instance, white represents purity or innocence; red indicates passion and excitement. After deciding which color aligns with your company's statement, ensure everyone is comfortable with it.

Consider your industry

The control room console you need to have will depend on the kind of industry you deal with. Every firm will require its type of console design. Luckily for you, there are different consoles available for your needs. 

Console types

There are two common types of console furniture; single surface and single surface with actuating focus rails. 

Keyboards and monitors are placed in the same place for the single surface console. You can adjust the height, or at other times, they are fixed. They are affordable and are a great choice if you are on a budget. 

The single-surface consoles with actuating focus rails provide a solid and stable surface for monitors. Whether you choose single or single surface consoles with actuating focus rails, the main concern is that the desk should have easy access to monitors and video walls. 

Sit-stand capabilities

Sit-stand capabilities enable your operators to work comfortably without having distractions such as fatigue or eyesight problems. In addition, with sit-stand capabilities, one can adjust the height to their liking as it accommodates any height or weight. 

Sit-stand capabilities reduce back pains, reduce risks of weight gain and obesity, help tone muscles and improve posture while increasing a firm's productivity. 

Temperature and lighting controls

They should have user-controlled temperature and lights throughout the operator's shifts for comfort. If the lights and heat cannot be controlled, the operators will end up being frustrated and even may fail to complete their chores. Therefore, giving them the control rights over lighting and temperature will increase their productivity.  

Selecting the right console rooms is critical and should be done carefully. And if you select the right console design, your future will be full of better developments.