Have you ever wondered how celebrities and models get the perfect photo finish skin and makeup every time, but you end up with the same imperfection no matter how much you try? We got it! Maybe you are missing a color corrector palette in your life.  

But the days are over! Follow this guide and know how you can also achieve the perfection of flawless skin using a corrector palette. 

What is a corrector palette? 

A color corrector is an essential part of perfect makeup. Generally, our skin contains issues like discoloration, pigmentation, and more. As a result, not all places on our faces contain the same tone. Therefore, applying makeup looks weird if you do not use a color corrector before applying makeup. 

A color corrector comes in various shades, including yellow, pink, green, and more, that get used on our skin to hide out dark circles, blemishes, etc. A color corrector palette almost works as Photoshop for faces that hides all imperfection and gives them a naturally flawless finish. 

Different shades of color correctors for different skin tones 

In a Forever 52 color corrector palette, you can get many shades, including pink, green, orange, peach, purple, brown, and more. Let’s see why a corrector palette comes with so many shades. 

1. Pink: It is the perfect color corrector for fair skin tones. This shade is used to hide dark circles and highlight the darker areas of your face. 

2. Peach: Peach is the perfect shade to hide blue-hued dark spots, veins, and other types of facial discoloration. This shade is recommended for darker skin tones. 

3. Green: If you have redness, active pimples, or other facial marks, you must always choose the green shade from the best color-corrector palette. 

4. Yellow: If your skin is pale and missing the much-needed glow, a yellow color corrector is perfect for you. 

5. Purple: If you have a light tan on your skin, swallow, or other types of marks, a purple color corrector is just the perfect shade for you. 

How to use a color corrector? 

A color corrector is a much-needed makeup product. You must incorporate into your day-to-day makeup routine to look flawless and gorgeous all day long. For applying a color corrector, wash your face with your regular face wash and moisturize it as usual. Apply it under your eyes and other problematic areas using a brush or fingertips. Once it's dry enough, top it up with a concealer, foundation, setting, powder, and the rest of the makeup. 


Suppose you have long-lasting stubborn blemishes or discoloration issues on your face or neck that a concealer or foundation cannot hide properly. In that case, it's time to get your hands on a color-corrector palette and apply the perfect shade depending on your skin tone, undertone, and other features. Pick the best palette today! 

This article summarizes using a color-corrector palette to achieve the perfection of flawless skin. 

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