What if, after purchasing a book, you are offered a pen as a free bonus? The Auto Magento 2 Automatic Related Products can perform this action. Making product suggestions shortens the shopping process's time-consuming "search" phase. Customers' time is saved, and you get business.


How can Magento 2's Automatic Related Products help?

  • Make the conditions for the product-relationship mechanism as malleable as possible to maximize targeted sales.
  • Control the data gathering settings and administer the function more efficiently.
  • Specify how many items will be featured in the slider.
  • Show the customers a variety of Upsell and Cross-sell items.
  • Shows different variants of the products.


Magento Auto-related products for Magento 2 module were built for the exact purpose. Rather than keeping track of customer preferences, this extension monitors their actions and provides suggestions for additional products that are likely to be well received, increasing your sales.


If you were a customer, what would be the advantages?

  • This upsells and cross-sells the product is compatible with Magento 2.
  • Toggle between all products in the slider.
  • The ability to see products that have been added either manually or automatically.


To reiterate, the Auto Related Products for Magento 2 extension is feasible. Thanks to its sleek interface and valuable functionality, this tool is essential for any Magento 2 online retailer.


For more details, visit: https://www.mageants.com/automatic-related-products-extension-for-magento-2.html