QuickBooks Desktop is a top-rated tool, and users don't require an introduction. It has gained popularity quickly among users because of its accuracy and features. It is the number one choice in the financial application department; hence, it has a subscription package. The subscription allows the user to access the application for a certain period for a certain amount. When the application fails to verify the user's subscription, it shows the error message "QuickBooks subscription has lapsed." 

It simply means that the application was unable to verify the active subscription of the user and will now prevent the user from accessing or updating the application. It will prompt the user with standard solutions like updating the credit card info used for the payment method or any internet connection issue. However, even if those two methods have been checked, the Error is still not resolved. So this is where you will require additional assistance to resolve it. Let's first start with all the leading causes of this Error.

Various Reasons that causes QuickBooks Subscription has Lapsed Error

When you cannot log in to QuickBooks, it's always not because of an expired subscription. Here are all the other reasons behind this Error.

  • Misconfigured web browser setting or some network connectivity issues
  • Expired credit card 
  • An outdated version of Intuit that has been discontinued and you are currently using it
  • The license info file got damaged 

Steps to Resolve the Subscription has Lapsed Error

We will now attempt to resolve the Error. 

Method-1 Updating the Billing Information in CAMP

Method-2 updating the QuickBooks application.

Method-3 Deleting the .ECML File



It is vital to resolve the Error as it cannot be overlooked in any case. With the help of the above solutions, you should be able to fix this Error on your own. However, you can contact us for additional support. We have a dedicated group of people to resolve the QuickBooks errors. We strive to make our customers happy. Call us on the helpline number mentioned below to get in touch with us quickly, or you can drop us the mail also. Don't waste your time over thinking; call us now and get your errors resolved