We’re heading towards 2023 already, and the world of programming and development continues to evolve at the fastest pace. While choosing technologies for your upcoming business applications and websites, Ruby on Rails development is worth considering. 

Impact of Ruby on Rails development:

  • With the MVC (model-view-controller) pattern, rapid, parallel development becomes possible. Therefore, developers can work on multiple components at the same time.
  • Ruby on Rails has a shallow learning curve since it’s easier to read and understand.
  • The convention-over-configuration principle reduces manual tasks and saves time.
  • Better management of legacy projects with the help of clear codes.

Myth-1  Ruby on Rails is Dead

Myth-2 Ruby on Rails is Slow

Myth-3 Ruby on Rails Development is Costly

Myth-4 Ruby on Rails is Non-Scalable

On the Growth Track With Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails has definitely brought about a change in how most developers perceive web and app development. While some rumors and misconceptions tend to cloud your vision, we hope this blog helps you look at the framework from a positive viewpoint. As a Ruby on Rails development company, we meet many clients who are willing to leverage the potential of this framework for their upcoming projects. 

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