A little while ago, I was talking to a new first time Mum, who asked me a question after thumbing through a Baby Magazine in the shop we were in the young Mum by the way was my daughter the question went like this "Mum this baby magazine is fantastic but would I need it monthly as I have a great Baby Book, but this baby magazine has little segments on everything, including when Brock is older, actually it goes into things at preschool age مادر و نوزاد

My reply was "You know love, your tiny new bundle of joy, my gorgeous grandson is extremely precious and fragile he relies on you for complete care and protection, he didn't arrive with an instruction manual. Now you can ask me for advice, and my advice would be good for the things that don't change, however, many things have changed since you were a baby. Yes you have a brilliant baby care book, however, a baby magazine with a new edition monthly, will not be a waste of money, it will give you another opinion, or back up what is in your book, plus give you information that may not be in the baby care book"

With that I took the baby magazine and thumbed through it whilst my daughter went to the baby change room with my grandson for that inevitable nappy change.

When she came back I said "You're right this is fantastic, and what's more it is in a language that's easy to understand plus it is jam packed with helpful advice for decoding the needs of young master Brock here."

She nodded in agreement, bought the copy, and we continued shopping.

As we were going around, I said to her "You know I think if you are going to keep on buying that baby magazine you need to see if it is cheaper to get a subscription" now I am sure you would all agree, that to save money is a good thing, babies can be expensive!

From my observation a baby magazine is a very supportive resource with tips and guidance to help mums and dads make their own choices in raising their kids. Each issue contains age specific child development guidance, information and loads of tips on health and safety and baby care, plus the best ways to help you stimulate your baby's ongoing learning.

One more thing, I think that the articles in a baby magazine, would even help a mom who has had children before and now finds herself with a new born again, as honestly, you can have those "Newborn, Baby and Toddler tips" stashed away in your brain, but reading the articles in such a magazine acts like a refresher, plus things can change from one year to the next, with great new products and research going on.

I have listed a couple of highly acclaimed baby magazines for you to view at Expert Baby Care, and by the way, it is cheaper to buy a yearly subscription!