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Dashcams at Wholesale Prices

Meeting your customers’ needs is easy if you deal with Big 5 Electronics. They offer dash cam wholesale ensuring the best quality of the product. Nowadays, dash cams are in great demand in all stores. Everybody wants to own it thanks to its amazing features. These cameras are widely used all around the world by regular drivers, taxi drivers and bus drivers. 

  • A dashcam can be easily coupled with various on-board technologies, like GPS devices and recorders. 
  • The camera will start recording as soon as car’s engine starts. 
  • Users have real-time, efficient, straight-to-the-point proof if any accident happens. 
  • Dashcams help prevent fraud. 

Being very functional, dashcams ensure your safe driving. People place it to observe the whole of the road ahead. This means that any accident that happens or you will be involved in is going to be recorded. It carefully records each detail that takes place both on the road and inside the car. In order to buy the largest collection of dash cam wholesale, simply open a business account with this team and credit card line, show proof that you own a business and then place your order. Count on Big 5 Electronics and rest assured they will help you accommodate your own buyers and gain their trust.

Subwoofers at Wholesale Prices

Your shop will grow faster than ever if you choose Big 5 Electronics. If drivers want to shake and feel the moment then the necessity of investing in subwoofers increases. Here at Big 5 you will find the largest collection of Subwoofer Enclosure WholesaleIf you browse their wide range of subwoofers, you will find both regular subwoofers and flat subwoofers. If you buy flat subwoofers, you can place them in very thin places, such as under car seats, and give all the passengers the best riding experience. Beside the largest variety of subwoofers, Big 5 also carries many sizes, including: 8" - 10" - 12" - 13" - 13.5" - 15". 

Besides the above-mentioned ALPINE- KENWOOD – PIONEER – POLK AUDIO, Big 5 also offers - DS18 - HIFONICS - KICKER - PLANET AUDIO - ROCKFORD FOSTGATE because they understand that your customers may decide to install different brand components. 

Do not hesitate and choose this source for Subwoofer Enclosure Wholesale. Big 5 also updates the collection regularly while offering unbeatable prices on the market. Just contact their sales associate today and you’ll get many more details.